Isic and Caldarius Bugs

As a frequent Isic and Caldarius player I’ve noticed small (but significant and consequential) bugs with both characters:

-Isic’s is easier to demonstrate in-game, and reflects an effect of his charge shot that I believe is unintentional. When a fully charged shot is fired while Isic himself is in its effect radius his shield recharge will be interrupted as if he’s taken damage. Though he cannot damage himself in this way he can keep his own shield from charging indefinitely as long as his shots land with him in their effect radii.

-I’m an avid Caldarius player and have noted a problem with his double jump since the beta, where I will attempt to double jump normally but the second jump will not respond and I’m left floating and vulnerable in my first jump’s arc. I’ve yet to note other players bringing this problem up (perhaps because of the barriers to capturing the problem without visually representing unresponsive inputs), but it is one of the most aggravating bugs I’ve encountered in BB as it’s led to my death on a number of occasions.

As an additional aside, and though I know it’s been mentioned before, I want to reiterate that Ghalt’s “Both Barrels Blazing” helix option remains bugged and significantly handicaps his late-game capacity.

Appreciate all the hard work GB, I hope these can be addressed some time in the near future (understandably they may belong on a back-burner while you tackle the myriad other balance and qol tweaks the community has been clamoring for). Thanks.