ISIC and Kleese team

I’ve been playing with Kleese lately for the first time and have done pretty well. Have yet to have an ISIC paired up with me but I feel like that’d be a pretty dominant pairing. Will that strategy work or does Isic need to be closer to the battle than I usually get with Kleese?

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nah, isic cant survive if he gets too close. his shield breaks instantly and his wards do nothing against melee attackers. His only escape is a well placed dash.
I usually play Isic as a mid range, almost sniper like character. just lay down those shots and get that blast out as weak characters run away.

Some of my best meltdown matches were playing ISIC and Kleese. Those two can totally lock down a side.

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Cool that’s what I was thinking. Do you guys know if healing received gear on ISIC would make the rifts more effective to him?

No, I don’t think so.

Back before Kleeses nerfs I used to love pairing up with him as ISIC. Everyone was too scared to come close to stop us :stuck_out_tongue: Rift Network melted Melees while ISIC dealt with ranged. Been a while though, lots of nerfs to Kleese and ISIC and people learned how to destroy rifts before engaging Kleese. And that you can, in fact, stun ISIC out of ult.

Haven’t seen many Kleeses in a long time though. Partly because of his nerfs and uh… mostly because people who liked playing him stopped playing Battleborn. I’d like to see them shine once more. So that I can kill Kleese.

Also, Lore-wise, very odd combo. Poor ISIC, should be a rogue instead. Can he get a mech from Toby?

Well that’s not good news but I’ll give it a shot anyway and see how it goes.

I’ve been playing since day 1 but for whatever reason never played Kleese till a couple days ago. I’ve had some success but no ISIC on the team. My buddy who plays ISIC sometimes (not much since the nerf) will be joining me and thought they’d be a solid pair. Any thoughts on the best gear for ISIC or myself to use to maximize our potential?

I’ve been playing Kleese for almost a year now. It’s a vicious combo that works well

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Awesome that’s the answer I wanted to hear

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Shayne is an equally nasty combo. Equip Modernista on either or both for maximum trolling.


Kleese rifts heal shield only. Healing received might increase the amount of shield healed but it would probably be more effective to stack DR and max shield to increase the amount of damage that isics shield can take. Shayne works well with kleese also because she has a large shield pool and takes reduced damage while her shield is active. Shayne can also pull players into a rift network for a quick kill.

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Skill damage and max shield for kleese. Cooldown is not bad either.

Kleese is amazing while I still stand with my view against Isic. I wouldn’t recommend playing both on the same team against skilled opponents (unless you have an Op character like Boldur and//or Kelvin on your team)


Step A. ISIC with shield gear.
Step B. Kleese with 4 rifts.
Step C. ISIC placed properly within rift network. God mode!


Nobody here is going to mention how just f***ing great Montana is in a rift network?! Seriously?!?!?

For real man Monty Kleese combo is sweet. He can pretty much body block most rifts, get healed by them and dish out the damage. The higher the Kleese levels the more brutally efficient the combo is and allows Monty to perform at mid range and close while pulling aggro off Kleese usually. Wound doesn’t effect shield heal as well so it helps Montana stay in good shape without being countered. The only other comparably amazing combo is Monty with an Ernest


Why not all 3? Haha

I just feel like it wouldn’t work super great. Still need a legit healer then you only got 1 slot left. Besides between just Monty and shield mortars Kleese waves shouldn’t be much of a problem. Plus Ernest’s usually run the slow and I think Monty does better with the attack egg mode tbh

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Montana is a beast with or without help

Sarcasm, but a shenanigans is a worthy prospect

@loving-hatred I figured but discussing the applications of such a concept made me feel like discussing the merit of such an endeavor. Just kinda how I roll ya know? XD

@RayLightning can be a beast is the operative word. That hit box of his more than makes up for his kit. Kinda like how before they nerfed taser on Kleese you would actually see Kleese being played because he had a ton of stuff going for him but was balanced back out by his ridiculous hitbox

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