ISIC and Overgrowth

Is ISIC (or any other character with the ability) being able to scale the cliff in the back, where the two thralls spawn together, with his dash ability and single handedly taking out the first sentry, often times from a spot where the sentry can’t fire back, a viable strategy?

I know other characters can scale that cliff, but it’s really only ISIC who, while using his ult, can solo the sentry before most people even realize what’s happening. A level 5 ISIC can end the game if no one catches him sneaking around back there.

Seems more like an abuse of game mechanics than a viable strategy. Should ISIC’s dash really take him that high?

I’m almost certain Gearbox intended characters to be able to backdoor sentry’s. Does El’Dragon’s/Atticus leap get them up to that cliff? I think pheobe’s does also. Oscar mike can simply inviso into the back of your base… IMO, if your team can only protect one ‘door’ at a time, you deserve to lose. Outplay, outsmart, use your characters skills, use the other path ways.

But I thought Marquis cheesing the sentry from his ledge was intended and balanced. So what do I know…Half the characters in the game could jump up to that ledge and stop Marquis from doing it. But people seem to tunnel vision down the lane, hide from the sentry like it is instant death, and never think outside the box in general. With how much effort went into designing this game…you don’t think gearbox intended it to be this way? because they gave you all the tools to counter these strats?

If an enemy is back-dooring, then your team is fighting 5v4…seems pretty fair.

There are wayyyyy more characters who can backdoor like this than you thought. There’s even a certain support who can do so at level 1 but I’ll keep my secrets to myself.

At the current patch, there are 4 types of “doors” avaliable.
Front door: follow the minions route and attack from there (every character can do this)
Ledge door: attacking the sentry from the ledge since now you can easily jump up (before patch this was actually a skill only a few players know how. Sadly they patched it. Oh well)
Side door: going through the tunnel and shooting the sentry from there (for ranged characters mostly)
Backdoor: the hardest yet seemingly easiest to counter. It’s just the stupid teams that don’t see minimap (sentry lights up under attack) or the top bar (again sentry lights up under attack) OR the game telling you the sentry is under attack.

Honestly backdoor is perfectly balanced. Many a times I’ve killed the person backdooring before he has a chance to run. And even if he runs, I just communicate with my team to kill him when he runs to the center.

And as the guy above said, it reduces the team fights to 4v5. And if the 5 manages to push the minions to the sentry, minions will kill sentry much faster than any character can. The 5 can safely go back to base to kill the backdooring person and continue on rolling.