ISIC Boss fight question

It is bad enough he flies around, but is the complete loss of control over your hero necessary? 4 stock with Rath, all 4 deaths super slow, only allowed to touch the ground for half a second at most, no attacks with any real range to hit him flying around, and the worse part being his character art blocking your view while falling, which is 99% of trying to aim down during the last 1/4 of his hp bar. The boss is superbly easy with any range character, perhaps change how that part plays out for Rath, Phoebe, Gali etc? Seems impossible to beat on hardcore with these characters solo. Getting kicked off the cliff in the final level is also overkill, definitely doesnt seem like these were intended consequences, cause both are awful mechanics if so. Love the game otherwise!

I remember when I loaded up the beta and played my first game with Rath on the Algorithm. Everything went fine until the ISIC fight came up. Knocking out the tubes from his legs was easy enough but then the challenge and tears happened when he jumped out of his suit and I can fully understand the frustration with this doing it on a solo run. I ended up leaving my run to go and finish it with other players, yeah it still sucked but I ended up doing it. The only problem is you can’t very well do this on Hardcore/Advanced since there is no matchmaking and the maps are random.

I just hope in time there is a more diverse matchmaking.