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(It’s the guy to the left)

Although we don’t yet have gameplay footage i’m still curious about the character.

Kleese(the narrator) calls him a construct so… i’m thinking AI from the LLC placed in a robot body (kinda like felicity from tps).

From what i’ve seen he looks like a defensive hold the fort/turret kinda character with a high dps and health but low range and mobility.

Badass Checklist

  • He Transforms
  • Has an Arm Cannon
  • Has Machine guns
  • And Massive Cannon in His Head for extra measure

All in all, i’d say he’s a pretty cool character.
(Really digging the steampunk aesthetic)

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He reminds me of the dwarven of skyrim.

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Definitely an interesting character. I’m on the fence about the play style of ISIC, looking at other PVP games that feature this style of character I would say the stats will vary depending on form. The defensive form will more than likely have higher health and zero movement, compared to the offensive form where the health will drop down and movement will be free, but not particularly fast. The safest comparison would be Bastion from Overwach, here is a short gameplay clip of him.

Just some thoughts, definitely similarities between ISIC and Bastion. The steam punk style is excellent.

Yeah, caught on to that too

Potentially very similar play styles, although i’m not sure if ISIC will be able to freely turn into his ‘defensive’ form I have a feeling it’s his ultimate.

The faces on his armour (and the weird design) reminded me of Bayonetta.

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(stares at picture)

your pictures oddly blurry… or am i blurry? :confused:

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It was a giant image, so when it resized it looked terrible.

holy crap that thing’s ugly


yeah, i think they are going for a kinda steampunk-y gothic/baroque style for the LLC.
I like it, it’s a different take.

Made a short analysis video on ISIC, or if you prefer a extensive article you could check out a updated blog post.


His head creeps me the ■■■■ out…

Made an ability overview video for ISIC showcasing his 3 special abilities

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