ISIC fan art: Rogue Magnus

Fan art of i made of ISIC with Aseprite. This one is for you @beya :smiley:


Itโ€™s incredible and Iโ€™m overjoyed you thought of making something for me :smile: youโ€™re so talented in making pixel art, and this goes to show just how amazing results you can achieve. Keep going! Thank you again so much, Dust! :blue_heart:

That is such a relieve to hear :smiley: I was very nervous about the pose and artstyle i chose to use. It was so much work too as i dont normally make anything even close to this level of detail. But through plenty of practice and determination great results can indeed be achieved. I will definitely continue to make art on a steady basis for the coming days to futher improve my art.

Thank for the encouraging reply. good luck on becoming canon with him. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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