ISIC gear stuffs

Been thinking about picking ISIC back up again and wanted to know what gear or legendarys people like to build on him. My first inclination is some extra shield but would love to hear people’s picks

Additionally any strats, gameplay tips or characters to be on the lookout of when playing him would be cool too

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Damage reduction, shield strength, and skill damage are good choices.

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You were right in thinking shield strength is the way to go.
A lot of people complained that ISICs tank status has been destroyed, but that’s just not true. I’ve actually been a little skeptical about posting it on the forums in fear that he would receive yet another nerf.
ISIC plays a bit different than other tanks. Where most tanks rely on soaking up damage with health, ISIC relies on soaking up damage with his shield and shielding abilities.
Here’s how I play him and build him (and I may add that it’s extremely affective once you get the hang of it).
First off, I use two max shield items and 1 max health item (that stacks after 180 seconds - just incase enemies break through all of your shielding) with two shield items and his shield helix choices you eventually get close to 800 shield! That’s a ton of rechargeable damage mitigation.
Secondly, I play him similarly to Montana. You soak up a lot of damage and eventually scare enemies into retreating via slight d.o.t (your cannon).
Third, his gameplay: --1-- Start of by constantly firing your cannon and over charged shots as much as possible, letting your big ol’ shield soak up damage until it’s depleted. --2-- use your next overcharged cannon to pop up an over charged ward, then continue to fire your cannon to scare your enemies until all your wards break. --3-- at this point you’ve recharged your shield (or most of it), but don’t deploy it just yet, nows your chance to let your allies deal some damage, while you draw aggro. Get close to the enemies and pop up your aegis shield (if you’ve selected the correct helix, it will soak up 2000 damage before it breaks). --4-- rinse and repeate, while activating our overcharged ultimate with overcharged wards as much as possible (but make sure to leave it once you start taking health damage).

If you do this you will tank a ton of damage, while also eventually making many enemies retreat and even snagging a kill every now and then… all while taking almost no health damage at all.

(A health regen item or a damage reduction items also works well if you don’t want to use a max health item)

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Skill damage only really affects his dash tho right?

Cool. Informative. How would you cycle defensive abilities in ISIC? I.e. In which order should I be utilizing off shield natural shield and wards? Is taking the 2000 energy aegis really better than the other 2 options? Do you take the wound effect at 5?

Ultimately you should cycle through the abilities in whatever order works best for you. But personally I try to do it in an order that gives my “natural” shield the most time to recharge. I cycle it in the order that I mentioned above.
Natural shield -> over charged ward (with an over charged ultimate if you have it available) -> aegis shield -> natural shield and so on and so forth.
And I personally always take extra aegis shield strength so I play him as a true tank.

Yeah that order seemed to make sense to me since it try’s to maximize the damage mitigation of your shields that take time to recharge and wards that take time to cool down( the order also plays into his legendary gear passive too)

Since you seem like you have a solid grasp of ISIcs playstyle. I bet you see a fair amount of bad ones. Aside from not utilizing ISICs full damage mitigation abilities what other mistakes do you see bad ISICs make that I should avoid?

To add.
Here’s my usual helix choices,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,
(#1 is very important so that you can start recharging your shield as quickly as possible. Especially if you rotate through your skills in the order I showed)
and the wound… I usually only pick the wound if my team and myself are having troubles finishing off enemies due to a healer that’s really on point. Luckily that helix doesn’t come in until later so you have the chance to feel it out.

His ultimate is a skill, i believe

The three big mistakes that I see ISIC players make are:

  1. “OOOOOOMEEEEGGAAAA STRIKE!!! I’M FUNNA STAY IN OMEGA FOREVA!”… don’t be afraid to exit omega strike early… so many people get so thirsty for kills that they end up getting themselves killed instead of thinking ahead and securing a get-away for themselves just incase (and a tank isn’t good to anyone when their dead). Stick to Using omega strike for putting pressure on the sentry AND furthering your shielding while also creating a good push.

  2. another big problem is when people either ONLY use his dash to engage and stun or ONLY use it to escape in desperate times. You need to find a healthy balance to maximize your survivability and your ability to help your team secure kills…

  3. if you’re about to die… don’t be afraid to pop up an un-overcharged ward. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is when I see an ISIC running away trying to escape (already used up their dash of course…) and their just shooting at nothing trying to prepare an overcharged ward and die… when your charging your cannon, you’re slowing yourself down and making yourself an easy target… Popping up a standard ward while sprinting away in a desperate retreate might just buy you enough time to get to a secured location.

If you were to take normal movement speed while charging and increased movement speed while charging, you can go really fast, right?

I don’t know about “really fast” but it definitely feels pretty quick.
I’d say you’re movement speed is between a run and a sprint.
Now if you stacked movement speed gear as well, I bet you could get some interesting results. You could probably reach a speed quicker than sprinting while simply charging your cannon. Though I don’t see any applicable reason for specing ISIC like this lol.

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It’s good for escaping from those pesky melee persons, now that he no longer has quick melee knockback and the slow cannon.

I tried using Isic like a tank, but I just could not make it work. I ended up spending most of the match at the healing station, with 0 kills, 6 deaths, and 0 assists. I put everything into shields. First my main shield would go down. Then I popped up the overcharged wards. They would go down in a couple of seconds. Then I would put up the aegis and start backing to cover. In a couple of seconds the aegis would go down, and then I would be dead in a few more seconds unless I actually made it to cover. I was even using Isic’s special battery, but it didn’t help. I still could not get wards or shields back up before I died. This happened six times. Every time was against Caldarius, who doesn’t even do a huge amount of damage, and also Orendi in four or five instances. I do not think that Isic is viable as a tank anymore because he is just too easy of a target. He is defenseless against melee. He isn’t very good at range, either, because his plasma cannon is so difficult to aim at the small targets without some sort of telescopic sight. You simply cannot see what you are trying to hit, and it is also bouncing all over the frickin’ place. I stand by the assertion that they have gimped poor Isic into utter uselessness.

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Because it’s fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just got worthy of song for the first time with ISIC! here is the thread where I brag and show off the match stats lol. this is the skill build I used. My gear were all purples- +attack speed/+movement speed, +attack damage/+movement speed, and a +sprint speed/+movement speed/-heal power.

I think ISIC can be built with his helix to be tanky (and also do more damage), so I build him to make his basic attack even stronger and get those charged shots up more and hit harder, while the secondary gear stats give him the ability to move around the map a looooot faster and to chase weak enemies/escape while weak.

So I got a couple of ISIC matches in today. Got his legendary(still on the fence about it). As of now I am running a 0 cost shard generator his legendary and the Eldrid legendary gauntlet that gives more AD based off current health.

I think some of the significant helix choices I am making are his movement speed helix at 5, and less charge time for cannon verses doubling aegis(picked over the 2000 shield to get more out of my legendary)

I am also seeing that my early game with ISIC is amazing but mid to later I don’t feel quite as potent. What are some characters to watch out for and what characters couple well with him? I really like playing ISIC but am still trying to bring him altogether in my mind when I play him. Dash also still seems tricky to use

Little old but I figured I would update. Feeling much better with ISIC now(tho the rework will be something else I have to adjust to) I think I have decided on using a 0 cost shard generator the pacifier(low role unfortunately…) and his legend. All seem to revolve around increased tankiness but a little worried about not boosting health at all :stuck_out_tongue:

How useful are you finding his legendary? I tried it out, but switched it out for the Modernista. I go with the extra shields, so I figured it’d be more useful. I may try his legendary again. I use the same loadout as use aside from that: zero cost shard gen and The Pacifier, but I think mine’s either max or close to max roll.

I the thing that bugs me about his legendary is that it’s not perfect(like all lore legendarys) however I really like having a battery that boosts max shield AND -shield recharge delay. The passive comes in handy pretty infrequently but I feel like it gives me a solid reason not to take the double aegis mutation. The wording on the modernista always worried me so I never bothere trying to use it