ISIC gear stuffs

(Easplund) #21

I don’t find his legendary to be worth it at all. I don’t think that the special benefit has ever done anything at all to save me. If it completely reset the cooldown on wards, then it would be worthwhile.

(Skeksis Syl) #22

Oh no I totally agree. I have had the effect be relevant maybe 10 percent of the time but the battery has -shield recharge delay and I like that. I am still trying to work out what I want to have on him gear wise but I am rather fond of the double legend shard generator loadouts atm

(Easplund) #23

I think that I am going to try as much cooldown reduction as possible, with secondary improvements to movement speed and skill damage. I want to see it I can plasma dash all over the place, using it as my primary attack, and be as mobile as possible as a defense.

(Skeksis Syl) #24

Sounds nifty. I do have the borrowed timer… Might be cool to try it out on him…

Also out of curiosity what’s your level 5 pick for ISIC? I am still on the fence about all the options

(Easplund) #25

I am using In A Big Rush. I want to be as mobile as possible so as not to get shot all of the time. Let’s see if it works! I’ve tried I’m Concentrating quite a bit, but I don’t think that does much more than delay the inevitable. I don’t think that the wound is even worth considering.

(Bladedancer ) #26

I’m glad that you still find ISIC useful as a tank, but in my experience He fails a a tank.

His method of tanky is unique similar to Kleese as they both use shields but the probelm is shield pen exist and some players can stack it high enough to ignore half of your shield.

In addtion some heros have helic choices to penetrate shields as well reducing the effectiveness of his wards.

ISIC right now is a giant sniper gun turrent with excellent AoE and limited survivability he has very little defense against melee heros and AoE are the hard counter to wards.