Isic gets jacked


Skills, Augments, and Balance changes:

Omega Strike now has a 40 second duration.
Reduced the duration of ISIC’s level 4 Left Helix Augment, Hold it Right There! }:Ostun from 2 seconds to 1 second
ISIC’s level 5 Mutation, Stopping Power ;)now applies a Wound debuff for 1 second instead of a slow
Increased the damage of Charged Cannon on Overcharged attacks from 175 to 177

He didn’t need a nerf!


Kelvin stun also went down to 1 second, Atticus lost stun on pounce and I think I saw one or two more like that.

It seems they thought 2 second stun was OP on many, not just isic

The problem is that Isic wont be able to take advantage of his own stun if he passes through the enemy. He has to turn around.

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I don’t think he’s intended to…same with kelvin. Set up stuns for others.


It also prevents chain stuns. A team that can chain stun is ridiculous to fight against


He is a disruptor tank. He doesn’t need a long stun, he just needs to… disrupt! His skill is on a shorter cooldown. It’s really just for the Renegade and Saboteur.

I LOVE quite literally “tanking” around as ISIC, but I think the time limit is a welcome change. It really does change his playstyle, but still enables the ultimate to have brutal effect. Players just need to time things better. See a warp anchor drop with a bunch of Thrall brutes? Tank it out. Like others, he needs to wait for the right moment to pull it, rather than just spray bullets and shells everywhere forever.

As others have noted, Stuns got a debuff all around. They want stuns to be more team-oriented, I think. It’s not “stun them then go to town,” it’s “stun them and your friends go to town.”

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I wouldn’t say that. No mention of changes for Ghalt or Montana, for instance. And Ghalt’s needed a reduction more than anyone but Alani, IMO (because it is in so many cases combined with pulling you out of position, into the enemy team, and into point blank range for Ghalt’s shotguns). A competent Ghalt is extremely frustrating to play against for me.

Fair enough, but I suppose they see Ghalt and Galiliea as stun-assassins, where they’re really MEANT to hunt their own kills after a stun.

ISIC and Kelvin they see as stun set-up, where you do the stun, your friend gets the kill.

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makes sense.

40 seconds of Omega strike is enough to wreck a sentry at lvl5.

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I think the change on omega strike was one of the few changes made to a character for PvE reasons. I can’t imagine staying in turret form for that long without getting destroyed in PvP but it made him by far the best PvE character in many situations. I still think 40 seconds is a good time frame, possibly even more than I would have given him. It’s still enough time to take out a wave, but now he can’t just stay in turret form for an entire defend event.

Yeah, I just started doing PvE and I can see how he would be OP there. But in PvP this is going to be a pretty big hit.

Yeah he did.

He was a top 3 tank with a pushing characters DPS. Due to the ineffectiveness of melee characters in high tier play, once Isic got a level or 2 on your team he pretty much just won you the game because you can’t de-push him with ranged characters. Then he becomes immune to burst because he’s om noming the creep wave the entire time and getting massive exp.

Notice how much general buffing melee DPSs got though? Not necessarily buffs to the characters themselves, tacit buffs in other changes to mechanics or changes to ranged characters (like ISIC and Kelvin having less stun potential). Also, maybe the biggest signpost that GBX is trying to give melees more love: Vyn’s lost its slow property, Boots didn’t!

Even if you played no legendaries like in Private matches it literally still happens.

Also the quick melee isn’t necessarily a nerf to ranged to make melee’s better against them, but to stop you from juggling people into walls and sending them back into your team. Frankly the only quick melee that did ■■■■ to melee’s is Marquis. Though it prolly shouldn’t be in the game in the first place.

In the end Mini-singularity still has the slow and better synergies with Symbiotic Gauntlet because of the HP/s change.

I agree. Even if he kept the double slap, it should only cause one knockback. I think you’re right that the general lowering of QM knockback is to prevent juggling though.

I think they wanted to keep the slow in Mini-Singunlarity just because NO ONE uses recoil reduction gear, so they’re trying to give that particular legi a cache so people will try it and see it might be useful. Generally I don’t find RR gear too worthy just because the people who can most benefit from it should probably be fighting close enough not to be too worried about it.

He really need this nerf,
he actually deal a lot too much damage for a tank,
he had a perma slow,
he was able to stun someone and kill in before the stun end. Should’t work like that, he is not an assassin

And actulally his ult isn’t nerf enough imo, he shouldn’t be able to move or jump during it… he is a ****** turret, and turret don’t move

Next step will be to nerf boldur (took 850dmg from his axe toss yesteday, he is one of the best dps, with one of the best mobility, with the best regen with the best tanking… and he took no nerf)

I never have trouble against Isic.

He can easily be knocked out of his Ult. He can barely move while in Ult form and has no protection while in Ult form.

A melee character can run up to him on his side or back and melt him unless he gets out of Ult and runs.

He is only a tank when he puts up his shield but then he can’t do anything except absorb dmg. Real tanks can still dps while taking dmg.

ISICS stun was amazing, it cost a helix but its a HUGE AoE stun that you really cant avoid since its a blink. And even if you were behind him when he used it in the opposite direction you’d still get stunned. Quite annoying.