ISIC gives Godmode Firmware to Geoff

Story time!

ISIC didn’t like the combination of Beatrix and Miko infecting Geoff’s face, so he performed some techno-sorcery on the code of the Alamo-7 armor, or something… and this was the result:

In seriousness, it seems we blew through his first form so fast with crits + DoT, he failed to execute the scripted jump to get the firmware upgrades. The ISIC/Geoff dialogue didn’t play, either.

So then I left and rejoined the game, to see what would happen. And I got this:

Geoff on Geoff action. I hadn’t noticed before this, but I’m fairly certain the hanging Geoff model is scaled to be a little bit smaller than the boss. The cutscene transition hides the difference, but with both on the screen, it’s pretty clear.

Rodeo time. With a properly-timed sprint jump, it wasn’t too hard to pogo on Geoff’s back, although it requires careful movement to stay on. My record was around 30 seconds. This screenshot is also clearly NSFW. I hope you didn’t look at it at work.

My Beatrix companion was worried that quitting might negate the match rewards, so we opted to stick around until the timer ran out. However, I knew, from experience, that the actual match timer never seems to match the server timer in the Options menu. And this time, I managed to nab a picture of the discrepancy:

The difference was about 18:23 this time, but I remember having another match end 45 minutes early, so… it might be random. Educational!


Ohhhhh, graphic!





The first time we played today I still had full control during the Warlord Nix cutscene
I still got the title cards but the camera didn’t cut to Nix
Did it happen to you?


Nope. THAT’S creepy and weird, and the LATEST in a long list of things that are creepy and weird about this ■■■■■■■ game…


Oh and you need ta hurry da f up
We could be clearing Void’s Edge with sub -20
Probably would help if I stopped dying too

Gotta go fast

Edit: this is in jest
but sub 20 is possible for two


@Vicks_Toire It’s not a medical condition


Inquisitively stares at the LLC sentry unit integration


Maybe we’re not all reporting Story or OP bugs anymore.

This morning for the heck of it I did Helio with Whiskey.
The final scene with Rendain I took him down from full health in less than 20 seconds.
OK, Whiskey is OP now, Crits like mad, but that fast?


Perhaps Gearbox should just add a pop-up disclaimer, whenever you queue for or create a Story/Ops mission:

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”



Look upon my glitches, ye mighty, and despair, for I am Battleborn, King of Bugs!


Clearly Geoff was never meant to meet Beatrix (alt dark timeline). XD

Btw that’s not all ISIC has been doing with Geoff!