Isic got his wards nerfed AGAIN!? At this point he might as well not even have them

Seriously why did isic need another ward nerf. His wards could hardly block reynas attacks now literally anyone can one hit his wards. Isic was already rare after the first nerf now he’s going through the same thing as ambra did, just getting absolutely nerfed to the ground

They reduced the base amount by 50%… But the overcharged wards received a tiny insignificant buff (2-3 points of damage I believe haha). You HAVE to overcharge them for them to be of any use now.

Pretty disappointed with the ISIC nerfs the wards, slow removal and the dash stun except the ultimate change that one I agree with since it was for burst damage anyway.

Even overcharged they’re a joke I used to like isic but they just butchered his tankiness

Yeah, they are now completely useless. And the reflecting wards can’t reflect anything now, so they are a complete waste.

I just can’t stand how isic just keeps getting unnecessary nerfs and now he’s just useless. I honestly can’t believe they nerfed him again…

i dont think they nerfed his wards there was description bug, I thinks its always been that number for a while now. They just ninja updated the description. (I could be wrong though, but I dont think I am)

Yea some of the decisions gearbox makes with this game really confuses and disappoints me.

No they were nerfed again they used to block 110 (which was pathetic already)now they only block 56…

idk where you saw that, point out the patch notes?

There are quite a few of them but I’ll just ask where in the patch notes does it mention that Kleese’s Heal Chair only does 38 hps now?

It was stealth nerfed so was kleeses heal chair

Ward Nerf was over the top its now a pathetic 58 dmg all five wards up will only block 290 dmg LOL without overcharging so you HAVE to overcharge now.