ISIC - Healing Power?

Has anyone else played with ISIC (typically in PvE) and at the end has 5,000 or 6,000 in his “Healing Given” category? There’s nothing about ISIC that states he can heal, yet every single time during PvE and sometimes PvP I will have given healing.

My thought is there are unintended consequences coming form his overcharged powers that heal my teammates, I guess? Maybe? And I’ve had less healing received than healing given before so I know it’s not just the “healing” I might receive from gaining an overshield due to overcharged powers.

If anyone can shed some light on this I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m looking to hopefully hone this skill and use it to my advantage.

Oath of sustain??

Are you using the Oath of the Sustained or Leechsteal Brooch? Lifesteal is treated as healing given, you’ll notice it with Jennerit characters a lot. Also, the Oath of the Sustained grants your lifesteal to nearby allies so perhaps that’s why you’re not receiving as much as you give?

No, the only legendaries i use are a skill legendary (use with Orendi) and a buildable legendary (use with Marquis) but never with ISIC. 9 times out of 10 I use Attack Damage, Shield Boost/Bonus Shards, and Shield Recharge Rate for my gear. The Attack Damage and Shield Recharge Rate are Uncommon and the Shield Boost/Bonus Shards is Epic.

This is why I have no idea where that “Healing Given” is coming from. I’ll have to do PvE tonight and post a picture of it later for proof. I’ve looked over every detail of everything I could be doing with him and can’t come up with an answer.

I’ve seen ISICs heal as well. I wouldn’t know why though.

If gear is not a factor, the only thing I can think of is You Dropped These! ;).
Depending on how exactly bullet reflection is handled in calculating the statistics.

If a ricochet bullet hits an enemy, it could theoretically interact with both damage dealt and either (less) Damage Taken or (more) Healing Received.

Haven’t experimented with Bullet Reflection in BB so far, so I don’t know whether the original damage would be prevented or not. Anyway, if it is, you could either just reduce the incoming damage to zero, or you let the character heal for the exact damage amount (meaning a Kill-shot that would be reflected, would still actually kill you due to dropping down to 0 HP for at least 1 frame).

Bullet Reflection is a good theory. I never use “You Dropped These” because i don’t know why I would ever want them NOT following me around. But yeah, bullet reflection will be added to my theory of what’s happening.

Wish I could get a for sure answer on this so I can use it to my advantage. Who am I healing? How am I healing? Why’s it consistently the same amount?

Don’t shields/overshields given count as healing? Off the top of my head I can’t think of anything else at the moment.

You’re confusing this with his Whoops-A-Daisy! :smiley: Mutation, You Dropped These! :wink: is the actual Bullet Reflection on Rotating Wards.

As ISIC has no innate healing, I would guess yourself, especially if it’s a lower value (not exceeding 12-18k).

Probably some easy to overlook mechanic. As others in this thread have mentioned, Life Steel on Gear. As, you ruled this one out, I suggest Bullet Reflection, as your issue is persistent and the Helix choice is one of the mandatory ones for his tank role.

Regular activation and/or CD cycling on the Rotating Wards (maximizing Uptime for Defense) could explain the consistent heal values.

They do (in my Experience with Reyna). The Overshield on overcharged Omega Strike could be another good candidate. The reworked skill with its 40sec Duration/40 sec CD could also add to the consistency of the healing values.

in pve: healing drones.
in pvp: healing stations

:slight_smile: you get credit for heals dealt by both. i would know, i was an isic that did the most healing in a pvp match once :stuck_out_tongue:

@NatsumeRyu @Sm0kerCrew
So, i played The Experiment last night with my buddy and we avoided health pickups (as much as possible) and something interesting happened. I had 82 healing recieved and he had 225 received, yet my “healing given” column read 3,782.

I doubt that for the 5 minutes we were around Boulder that I gave him at least 3,500 in healing. 99% of the time I was in front of everyone using my shields to block incoming fire and tearing up enemies with Omega Strike, which means the incoming attacks would not have been reflected to my teammates.

Is it possible that “healing given” is counting the shields but not adding it to the “healing received” column? Does Healing Received only count health and not shields?

Shield Heal/Overshield are definitely considered ‘Healing Given’, I’d have to look through some match history to check if those count as ‘Healing Received’ (given the fact that they’re technically just more defense)…

Or you could just compare your Overshield statistics to your Healing Done.

Duh… Lol, I’m going to feel like a giant idiot if my Overshield statistics match up with the Healing Given. I was all wrapped up in Healing Received for me and my teammates!!! Excited to give this a look tonight.

Im confused about that as well because ISIC does not heal

Overshield is counted as healing given. I know since I play Reyna

I’m just going to assume the healing received isn’t linked to shields given to yourself and move on with my life. That’s what all the data is pointing to. At least that’s what I’m telling myself!