Isic is a bit OP imo. heres why

Isic is classified as a “tank” right?

Tanks USUALLY do low dps but have high HP right?

Well not isic…

Dude is a straight up beast.

Just got 26 kills in one game with isic ( a character i barely play) easily.

-Dude has high hp
-Shield, rotating wards are great defense mechanics
-Plasma dash is great for stunning or escaping
-Main attack requires zero reload, has zero down time and hits like a mac truck
-Main attack is easy as hell to land, easier than sniping with marquis or thorn. (it has aoe effect so easier to land)
-Did i mention this guy hits like a mac truck? even without his ultimate I was MELTING players in less than 5 seconds flat if i was landing my shots.
-Ultimate ability is sickening high DPS… if you can get your own miko as Isic, you are immortal.
-Isic is pretty fast for being a tank ive noticed.
-Can fight at close range or snipe (if youre good sniping with isic is easier than marquis imo)
-Great for clearing waves
-Can teleport to hard to reach places with plasma dash

Feel free to add more. I love this game… and i Love isic… but… its honestly just not fair and ill be the first to admit it!


I was melting these dudes in this game so fast, i honestly couldnt believe it… not even rath or thorn kills other battleborn this fast i dont think.

not too shabby for a “tank”.

wish i had recorded the video so you could see how fast these enemies were melting.

Yeah ISIC is more than a tank. He is a GOD. He has everything in the game except healing and who needs self healing when you can just kill everyone?

pretty much! i kill them before they have a chance to do anything! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Eh looks like you might of been playing against bad players as well. Also I notice they have no support…which means a whole heckuva lot.

Isic is strong, yes, but like most big tanky guys once he uses his initate/escape, he is pretty easy to kill since he is such a large target. And any form of hard CC breaks his ult. So he is in the Strong category for me but not OP. He has his counters.

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Boldur is also supposed to be a tank, but spec him right and he can be an outright beast as well… BUT… he has major drawbacks. His back is exposed and vulnerable to flanking, his dash attack is highly telegraphed and easily avoided, but I’ve also had games against inexperienced players where I’ve turned the enemy team into mush.

Rather than call for nerfs, maybe you should play him some more, or against him, see if he has any exploitable weaknesses. If he doesn’t, well…