ISIC is good times

This may not be the most constructive thing in the world, but ISIC so far is my favorite. The powerset is great, overshields, charge attack, turret mode - turret mode with the bonus shielding is extremely satisfying as well.

Plus, so far my favorite VO material. “The only thing I like more than killing is not dying”

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Here is my question. During a gameplay, I saw that when his cannon is fully charged, he fires small bursts constantly. Have you experienced this?

I can’t do any actual damage with him. I just ended up feeling like a big punching bag that could take a lot of hits, but couldn’t really respond with any damage.

ISIC is amazing i really fell in love with him. Hes so fun to use and you can turn him into a crazy powerful tank.

but…I can’t kill stuff with him

You’re not the Man damage daler but if you shoot his cannon til it’s overcharged and then release you will fire a shoot that deals a lot of damage. And Isic is a good counter to Reyna because he has reflect fire he can bounce of the priority target :slight_smile: And in ult you can use both triggers to shoot even more

I really dont get how you cant. His main weapon is pretty Strong. And his ulitmate ability when upgraded all the way is super powerful and also can fire missle barrages on top of the cannon. Then he has the awesome offensive skills. Combined with his tackle rush attack. Which is also pretty powerful and i upgrade it so it stuns enemies for two seconds. Then i just wail on them. You just have to practice and get used to him.

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Interesting…maybe I’ll give him another thought. Slightly off topic, but I thought I’d ask here before starting a whole new thread, has anyone been able to actually do anything with Toby. ISIC felt like he could’ve been alright if I was better at using him, but Toby just felt absolutely awful. Has anyone had any success with him?

Isic is by far my new favorite hero. He’s gotten a huge buff since CTT. But I can’t overcharge his dash ability. Every time I try it shoots the charge.

Also will ability power or attack damage buff his ULT?

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I had a load of spots in the maps where I got stuck with him and couldn’t move at all. But other than that he can be pretty useful.

Toby, from what I have experienced he is mostly the “sit back and shoot” type. He may be listed as a tank, but he fits the rouges sniper-ish / territory control. The only reason he can’t tank himself is because his entire center area is a Crit spot, while ISIC only has a certain spot in the center, Toby literally gets Crit whenever you shoot that general area.

My one hope is to see an ISIC taunt or some cosmetic that would briefly (or permanently if you equip it) give him a voice to suit the awesomely brutal stuff he says. It would single handedly change his personality, from being a funny but dark customer support gone wrong, to sounding like a demon computer, I imagine it sounding like caldarius’s voice, but a few notable changes, any other ideas?

you can

notice the team stats- the enemy team was working well together, while my team ran around like headless chickens and I still got to 19 kills. I single-handedly pushed the first sentry and damaged the 2nd to 30 hp,sadly after that the enemies were higher level and started shredding my team or just focusing me while I had no help from the team at all.

Meh,the “bring it on,I ■■■■■■■ dare you” taunt is good enough for me.