ISIC Level 5 needs NERF

I just got done playing through Algorithm with him & my goodness. I almost couldn’t figure out how to get out of ISIC’ Level 5 attack (the Triangle button activation), only to see that I could cancel it at virtually Any time, no problem.

The problem, I see, is exactly that: there is NO end to the attack. I could literally save the Special for every boss I/we come across. Not only that, it’s either the bullets or the Charge Shot that needs a slight nerf or so. I felt like I was honestly the reason the Ice boss & ISIC fight went by rather smoothly, while with using other characters, it takes some effort to down each leg or un-Ice the beast, even with five different characters at the helm. I thought I could have downed the Ice beast easy if he didn’t go into hiding (and healing) at the appropriate moments. I didn’t think to try him through the Void but as easy (And kinda short) as that is…that’s a different topic :stuck_out_tongue:

That all said, ISIC needs work. Not to major of work…but work nonetheless.

It goes indefinitely until you cancel it. Balance is really the biggest concern in pvp, and I haven’t played him in the campaign, but in versus it is pretty well balanced IMHO. It doesn’t do ridiculous damage, so it’s not like your decimating everything in your path with it. Also, as I’m sure you figured out, his movement speed is super slow while he’s using it. This means he’s pretty exposed, so if you get set up in a good spot, you can use it for a while, but as soon as they start to put pressure on you, you gotta go, because you’re pretty much a sitting duck.

The slow move speed makes it balanced. In meltdown it’s almost impossible to do any real damage except to minions. Overgrown map that’s a different story though. Also a stuns or knock back breaks him out of his Ult.

I found that ISIC just wasn’t great for meltodwn overall, the biggest challenge being his slow projectile speed. His main weapon makes it much harder to land shots than it would be for a character with a normal gun. In incursion mode, you can just kinda shoot it into the fray and hope you’re hitting stuff, and you can rely on your team to back you up if things get sticky. In meltdown everything is kinda more spread out, so I found myself in one on one encounters much more often. It was very difficult to hit a single, quickly moving target, and meltdown doesn’t really have as much of a safe zone you can flee to like incursion if things go badly. I kinda just found myself being a really easy target for assassin characters like Phoebe. In general I kinda try to stay out of meltdown.

I have a different story. With Isic I play very good in meltdown. 60+ minion kills and 10 battleborn kills

There are a few things that kinda punish you for staying in this mode though:

  • ALL abilities he normally has are disabled, so beyond the overshield (which you should always go for cause its awesome) you can’t really tank in this mode. You can’t raise his energy targe and you cant use wards after you toggle into the mode

  • that combined with slower movespeed makes him even more vulnerable

  • You can no longer taunt after that sweet multikill you baited the enemy into because his ult disables taunts. This one hits me the hardest and I frequently find myself cancelling the ult just to BM.

Isics main weapon does ridiculous amounts of damage in a ridiculously short amount of time. 22 22 22 22 200 22 22 22 22 200 is all I see when i’m playing him and ■■■■ you melt people in seconds.

22 22 22 22 200 22 22 22 22 200 is all I see


AaaaGh! What an awful dream! Ones and zeroes everywhere… I think I saw a two…

It was just a dream, Bender – there’s no such thing as two.

ISIC truely is the stuff of nightmares.

Maybe it’s just you, because I often kill Marquis on long range engagements with the charged shot,and if you don’t use the charged shot,you’re doing it wrong. For melee characters all you need is the 2s stun mutation on plasma dash. When they get too close or got you pinned- dash through them,turn around and kill them. For meltdown he’s especially effective,because he decimates minion waves with the charged shot,and when you pop your ult even the big minions go down in a matter of seconds. If you’re ISIC and are supported by Reyna or Miko then you’re the god of the battlefield.

Very possible, it was my first game as him