ISIC Lore challenge: Plasma Dash

So no matter what I do I cannot seem to kill anything with plasma dash, I’ve dashed thru crowds and dashed directly head on at enemies, still 0/250.
What am I doing wrong this seems like a no brainier but it’s not working for me. Please help lol

Note that it states “minions”, so it might work only with minion dash kills. Minions are creeps on the pvp modes and npc enemies on the Algorithm, for example.

So only the little mini bots on algorithm I’ll try that, I think you’re right same thing with Galilea unlock the 800 minions. Hopefully it works thanks

Algorithm is the easiest mission to do it on. Load up solo advanced and whack away. I got around 50-60 kills for every map clear.

Best of luck!

Geoff spawns an infinite amount of minions that you can farm on phases 2 and 3. You can do the lore challenge in one sitting.

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