ISIC lore challenges help

I just need a run-down of what a specific challenge means. It says something like use your overcharge ability or something like that. I don’t understand what I’m supposed to do per say. I only got 1 out of the remaining left done on the one challenge lol! And funny thing is, I don’t know what I did to get the one percent done on “using overcharge in ability”.
I don’t know if it’s exactly that wording but it seems familiar from what I remember.
Anyone know how to complete that bit of lore challenge? Thanks!

Greetings, ISIC main here.
It is rather simple, really.
When ISIC’s weapon is fully charged (holding down the fire button long enough), then it’s “overcharged”.
Activating any abilities while your weapon is overcharged will grant additional properties for said ability, like overcharged rotating wards grant increased block strength, overcharged plasma dash grants more damages, and so on.

Hope it helps:)

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Ohhhhhh thanks so much!! That makes a lot of sense! :slight_smile:

Do you have to use instant cast for Overcharged plasma dash? I was trying it earlier today toget those minion kills but I couldn’t get it to work.

What is the easiest way to get those minion kills with plasma dash? Since they do not die to dash alone and they dont have a healthbar to give you a decent idea how much you should soften them up…

It’s just kills with Plasma Dash in general, that means charged or uncharged will count towards the lore challenge.

As for the the easiest way to complete this, I did so In Algorithm by simply soften em a little bit with your weapon’s regular shots, then finish them off with plasma dash. Alternatively, you can plasma dash first, if it doesn’t kill then on first hit, then kite them around till your dash has recharged. Do keep in mind that your skills become stronger as your level up your character, as I was able to one shot most of the minions with plasma dash later on into the game. Equipping gears that increases your skill damages also help a lot.

They do have a health bar, maybe you were killing them too fast to actually see their health bars?

I went into The Renegade with 14/250 came out with 14/250 and I know I killed a lot of minions with Plasma Dash. Does it not register if you fail the mission? Second core part I thought I could do with no buildables since I wanted to get the challenge.

“minions” are the robots do the algorithm solo up to geoff fail the mission then repeat.

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Were you doing it on private sessions?

If you were, it won’t work as anything done within a private session won’t count towards any challenges.

Such a grindy challenge. Did algorithim alone and fought the second phase of Geoff until he stopped spawning minions, I also tried to plasma dash the other minions often and only came out with 77/250 :frowning:

<3 shawty you da best you da you da best

Private pve does counts private pvp doesn’t count.

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Not trying to hijack the thread…but:

I have been playing with a friend who now only needs ONE more “Overcharge” use (i.e. he is stuck at 59/60 for that lore challenge), has this happened to anyone else?
That lore challenge is ridiculously easy compared to a lot of the other ones like Montana needing to take a million points of damage, or Alani and Galilea both needing to kill Ambra 25 times (which completely sucks btw) so it really bothers both of us that he can’t complete this easy challenge and get his achievement and gear from it.

Next stop is the support forums and I will have him open a support ticket if I can convince him he needs to.

That is weird. I’ve never experienced it before. Is your friend doing it on a private pvp match? I so, nothing will count if he did that. And, obviously assuming that your friend know the overcharged action, does he time it right?
One last thing: battleborn has had issues as to how people are finishing their lore challenges and overall lore achievements. There’s this weird bug about the whole thing. I’m sure Gearbox has it on their battleborn website. Maybe take a look there? Because they do mention the lore challenges not being finished for a reason a forgot about. Hope this helps you and your friend!

I’ve gotten that challenge so your friend may need to submit a support ticket provided he’s using the ability properly - activating a skill without letting go of the fire button. Also, as @hazamaterumi69 said, private PVP matches don’t count towards lore challenges. So if you guys are using those, either switch to public PVP or private/public PVE.

Nice I was wondering if it would count in Algorithm. This should much easier now. It would take forever in PvP.

It does. That’s how I finally got it. Knock the minions down to low health, then dash through the lot of them.