Isic lore- Warning rogue magnus

ok so I have only ran into kleese once in my exploits through battleborn. This is the only part left in the lore I need. I was wondering if you have to complete a match with him to get credit or if I just join, start, quit, and repeat? worst case scenario I make my friends join in with kleese (who they hate to use, im the only one who likes him :stuck_out_tongue: ) so either way it could be a long process lol

I believe you can start a game and jump off of a cliff until you run out of lives. You don’t have to win the match, but you do have to finish it and the fastest way is by dying. Joining and quiting might work, but I didn’t get the pop-up for Boldur’s lore where he has to play with 4 other Eldrid until we finished the map. If joining and then quiting does work, I’d like to know because there’s some lore my wife needs and that’d be a quicker way to do it than us killing ourselves.

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welp ill try it tonight n ill let ya know. if nothing else ill just do a private with a friend on hardcore n die. win/win :smiley:

Just tried something similar and you have to finish a match either by completing it or failing. Go hardcore and jump off a cliff to fail it quickly.

Awesome thanks for the info! Now for the pesky Orendi one where you have to nullify people into pillars :confused:

Heh. At least it isn’t as bad as most of Whiskey Foxtrot’s where you have to play against other Battleborn…

Ugh that does sound like a pain. I’m sure I’ll get to that one eventually tho

It’s a real pain because I don’t play PVP. If GBX decides to allow lore challenges in private PVP, I may see about getting 'em. The stick 50 BB shouldn’t be too hard, but the killing Oscar Mike might take awhile…