ISIC made the mech

Ok everyone keeps saying kleese made ISICS mech, now I don’t believe this all there lore (have both lores) never mention kleese making it, now what is said by kleese is ISIC is extremely dangerous (before he is a battleborn) and that ISIC tore el dragons arms off which he did presumably with his present mech suit (even one of his respawn lines pretty much say he made the mech “good thing I produced a few thousand of these mechs”)

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Good point. A lot of people do say that and it doesn’t make much sense. Why would Kleese let him go and wreak havoc? He could’ve just uploaded him on a closed computer. So did he escape? Kleese had a moment of empathy for his creation? A change to his wiring preventing certain things? Forced allegiance to the Battleborn? I don’t understand. But Kleese didn’t make his mech.

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Everyone keeps saying it and eventually it just got annoying, even kleese lore picture shows him analyzing ISIC

Just saying, you may want to correct the typo in the title. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for seeing that and by the way, God that is funny

Took me a few to catch what the typo was - LOL.
So since Obama founded ISIS, does that mean by transitive property Obama made the mech?

(Political disclaimer: I do not in any way think the President founded any sort of terrorist organization. I am simply parroting our esteemed Republican candidate for office as a joke. A bad one)

I believe ISIC made his mech suit because it’s mentioned in his lore that he used to kill miners below Fort Octoban before he took it over. As for Kleese, I think he put some type of inhibitor on ISIC to prevent him from running rampant among the other Battleborn.