Isic/ Marquis Lore issues

I’m having issues with Isics charge dash lore challenge, every time I kill a creature with it, it doesn’t count, and also Marquis’s hasten allies. I’ve laid my temporal distortion down more then a few dozen times, have had allies walk through it, and it doesn’t count.

Plasma Dash for ISIC is Minions, meaning the robotic enemies. Easy way is to do Algorithm and just keep Plasma Dashing and when you get to Geoff, do the two sprays and the third just farm his spawning robots.

As for Marquis, you need his right Level 1 helix upgrade. It doesn’t hasten allies on its own, it needs that upgrade. Also, it will work in solo too.

If you have done both of these conditions correctly and it still doesn’t work, you could try doing what someone mentioned for a Orendi fix, change the skill castings from instant to manual (the suggestion was the opposite, but it starts at manual so I’m just taking a guess.) Hope this helps and good luck.

Thank you for your reply! I will put these to the tests immediately!