ISIC needs a buff

He just doesn’t seem unkillable enough. You can still die when playing him. I’m someone who really enjoys being a tank but he can still go down if he takes enough damage.

Right, because the most powerful knee capping, homicidal magnus… Need’s a buff…

Only thing I don’t like is getting knocked out of Ult, really needs to be compensated for that at least, or at least when you manually exit it.

And by compensated, I mean a CD timer, like manually exiting the ULT reduces the CD by 50% or something… so from 60 second’s to 30, y’know?

I never died with him. And hes actually pretty damn powerful. You just have to learn him and get used to him

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Isic can remain in his ult forever so you could be in it for 10 minutes and he would always getting that cc timer. letting someone knock you out of your ult makes so that you can counter ults
has for isic he is probably one of the best tank he has lot of health sheilds has a great sheild for blocking he just has a big head is his main problem never had a problem with him personally.

People must have not been doing enough damage to you in that case. People are still able to kill me when I play ISIC unfortunately.

You aren’t supposed to be unkillable.

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Also, any good opponent will see you as a massive threat, as soon as you pop the ult, the enemy doesnt go for you, their being… well not very good… lol

Why not? He is supposed to be a tank after all

If Isic wasn’t killable, he’d be super OP and everyone would fight to play him… That is, if he’s unkillable by himself.

W/ a team any BB can be unkillable if they work together right. That being said, Isic is fine, mostly, I still think manually exiting ult should reduce the CD on his ult by 50%…

Tanks are supposed to be unkillable badasses tho. If ISIC being awesome gives to much incentive to play him they could buff the other tanks, like montana and atticus. This way people who like to be unkillable will have some options.

The point of a tank is to soak up damage from the enemy, a defense at times, a spear head at other times, that is what a tank is… Btw, what kind of unkillable tank do you even see in ANY video games? Every video game that has a tanker role, they die just as other role’s do, in some cases, differently from other roles…

Tanks are supposed to be unkillable badasses

No, no they aren’t.

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Salvador the gunzerker from Borderlands 2 is pretty much unkillable when specced correctly. Also, yes, tanks should absolutely be unkillable badasses.

The sarcasm is strong with this one.


Me? I’m really not being sarcastic. ISIC is just a character that I would really like to enjoy, but just isn’t unkillable/tanky enough IMO.

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Gearbox, can we have a character with virtually 4 shields instead of the 3 that he already kind of has? Also, I think he needs to get an overshield for 20 seconds whenever his actual shield runs out, if his arm shield runs out, or if his ability “shield” runs out, and if whatever 4th shield we decide should also be there runs out.

To balance said overshield, I propose a 10 second cool down on the overshield effect.

Isic also needs more health regen, imo. Make him more badass by having him steal DNA from Thorn and have her passive as a second passive!

Yes. With all this unkillable tankiness, we’ll also need more damage, won’t we? I say his ult should be available at level 1, and have a charge up time based on how much damage he takes. This way he’ll be rewarded for using his tanky ability. Every 2,000 damage means an ult. Also, we should let Isic move at full speed - even sprint when he ults.

Perfect. Isic the unkillable, badass tank.

I think it’s a good starting point, but should any weakness at all come up, we’ll have to buff him again.

The point of a tank isn’t to Not Die Ever, its to Not Die As Fast.

Well while we’re at it, can we buff Rath’s ultimate a bit ? And maybe make his level 10 helix mutator a lvl1 skill. I think people are still not raging enough about it.

Those are all good suggestions. If any are to weak we may need to just up the numbers a tad.

Personally, I was thinking something like 50 hp regen per second to keep him topped off. Thorn’s HP regen is kind of slow. It doesn’t really keep her topped off in combat.

I didn’t play rath very much so I can’t comment on his ult, but maybe he does need a buff. IDK

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I was going to jump on this band wagon, and make a comment on Phoebe and Reyna’s figure’s… But I decided not to, and say; Tank’s are meant to take damage, and give damage in turn.


(And yes, I know your being sarcastic, all of you…)