Isic nerf is very uncalled for

Getting rid of his slow cannon
a bigger nerf to his wards
stun time in tier 4 helix is getting reduced
All on top of his Ult which is now going to be up for only 40 seconds and then it will have a 40 second charge time

I can just see myself charging and popping wards. As I charge to pop my Ult my wards are going to be gone because they are already pretty damn weak. then I have 40 seconds to walk slow as balls into battle and try to position myself as the run away from me. Once I finally find myself a good spot its gone and I have to fight it out for 40 seconds.
Dont even try dashing away because they’ll be back up by the time your out of your dash . . .

Thank god I already mastered him. To those who hadn’t yet, I wish you the BEST of luck man.

where’s the nerf to his wards? I just looked at the patch notes and didn’t see it…

His ult REALLY needed that set duration as it pretty much made him thr best story run character out there, that and the fact he could pull some rediculose stunts in pvp if he found a good perch. As for the slow duration its a helix mod you may just need to take some time and re build your helix tree. I personally prefer to go with his movement buff and no movement penaltie build :stuck_out_tongue: I love running around like a mad man. The stun duration is a bit far but he can hit multiple targets with it so I can see why they did it.

Lastly no nurfs have been made to wards since the last patch.

sorry man, sounds like you jumped on the “transform and snail crawl” bandwagon. isic is a beast tank if spec’d right.

these changes are a pve nerf, and a pvp buff, as pve could make use of the inifinitank. in pvp i never stayed in longer than i have to, and now the cooldown is 20 seconds less, so it can be popped more! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, he’s not Bastion, dude. His ult was rediculous.

Then don’t use it for engaging people unless you have a teammate backing you up. ISIC is a tank, he’s not supposed to destroy on his own.

This is a team based game. They’re balancing the characters to discourage flying solo.


They cut his wards down to 58! One shot from Alani will destroy it. And since reflecting wards appear to need to be able to withstand a shot in order to reflect it, that makes them completely useless. No wonder why she was totally kicking my poor robotic ass!

That’s why you use the overcharge variant.

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How does wound sync with ISICs abilities? Thats the most useless mutation in his helix… ISIC needs to take a U turn they need to undo all the nerfs…he is completely useless period

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Sorry, totally disagree here.

  1. Getting rid of his slow cannon
    –> Sad, true - but definitely not that bad, just go on wounding everybody for getting hit harder by your whole team instead of killing everybody all alone

  2. a bigger nerf to his wards
    –> nope, no further nerf on his wards were taken, just ALWAYS buff your skills with overcharge before activation, there’s only one exception: dash …because:

  3. stun time in tier 4 helix is getting reduced
    –> doesn’t matter at all, for myself i only use the dash to escape and one second of stun is enough for that - especially if your hitting the helix for longer distance and advanced speed

  4. All on top of his Ult which is now going to be up for only 40 seconds and then it will have a 40 second charge time
    not that ISIC simply was way too strong with this endless ult of his.
    –> you gonna be kidding, right? i like ISIC but always had a bad feeling for the other team because of that way too strong infinite ult and being a unstoppable DPS machine from hell. I often got out of his ult by choice just because of fairplay.


Try to focus a bit more on his primary attack, imo it’s one of the best across all BB…


First, i had to laugh out loud about the overcharged cannon being buffed from 175 to 177 damage :smiley:
Then i did try out the changes on ISIC yesterday and i really couldn’t see that he is worse in any way…just not that overpowered any more.