ISIC Omega Strike affected by Attack dmg or Skill dmg?

Was looking to push up Omega Strike bit more (I love it), but wich exactly does it use?

Skill damage

It is a skill so it should be skill damage. Attack is left trigger or right trigger, mouse buttons I believe on pc

Skill Damage, as a bonus keeping this in mind though the legendary Leechsteal Brooch which gives skills 10%+ Lifesteal works on his ultimate to keep him infinetly healed.

How do u get his legionary gear?

Complete all 5 of his Lore challenges. Its special is that when your offhand shield breaks the cooldown on your rotating wards is reduced.

well not in general, f.e., Phoebe’s True Strike (L2 on ps4) is considered a skill, as well as Isic’s charged shot (R2)

So any skill that causes the characters primary/secondary attacks change when you attack is always affected by skill damage? Also I recently started playing Isic as well, he’s way too fun!