ISIC Plasma Dash lore challenge

I just played a PvP match and focused on nothing except trying to kill minions with Plasma Dash because I need to kill 250 for one of his lore challenges. I still have 0 on the counter. wtf? I’m sorry, but are minions supposed to survive that much damage? I unload at least 3-5 charges onto one and then hit it with a charged Dash and they still don’t die apparently. What am I doing wrong? I know that it seems they nerfed ISIC’s dmg in favor of higher defense, but this seems a little ridiculous to me. Anyone have any advice or tips for this?

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That one is very easy to get in algorithm if you are ok in pve.

So it works in PvE? I tried that in beta and it didn’t work so I figured they’d carry that over. Thanks! That saves a HUGE headache.

I’ve only done pve with ISIC and I’m halfway there.

I made a thread in this subforum detailing how I did it in decent time.

The Tl;Dr of my thread is to just get Geoff in The Algorithm to stage 2 of his fight, grab the +5% damage per target affected by Plasma Dash, and then just farm his “Spider Babies”.

GL with it and I hope you get it efficiently so you can make use of your time BM’ing the fleshbags with it :smiley:
The only lore challenge I have left is the Kleese one, and a bud is helping me.

(I also didn’t know this could all be done in PVE. During the Open Beta I asked around and no one would give me a straight answer so I had to experiment with how to do it xD)


Remember when you see “minions” in lore challenges or Galilea unlock challenges it is specifically referring to minions created by minion robotics, the main LLC company. There are 3 kinds of enemies, valersi, thralls, and minions. This challenge is referring to minion robotics creations

Is it on private or public?

As long as you’re killing “Mionion” type enemies such as Blade Bots and Gun Bots you should get points towards it. I took the easy way out and farmed Arachnis spawns for a couple mathces.

I just completed this last week. Just go to algorythem and make your way to Geoff the spider king and just let him spawn 2-3 minions at a time. I stood back towards the door you come in around the corner and I killed the minions then popped my head out and he would spawn 2 more. just keep doing that and you should be good in about an hr or so.
I also heard he spawns more minions if your on advanced but idk if thats true.

But it will work in a private match not public?

Private Missions? Yes. Private Matches? No.

Thank you

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