ISIC Pointers for PVP

So I’m a little disappointed with myself, and feel I could use a few tips. Last few rounds I played ISIC I wasn’t so happy about it and trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. I keep getting my big mechanical butt handed to me on a silver platter! Can’t tell if it’s the gear choices, helix build, or just overall mindset.

Can I get a little help here?

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I had a similar problem when i played him, but you gotta get the hang of his cannon, let it fire the big attack at every opportunity since that’s his real attack, the little blue bullets aren’t really good damage wise.
And for helix at rank 4 i think you get a mutation that lets the charged shot in your cannon slow enemies for 2 seconds meaning when you corner someone they wont be escaping.

And in regards to Gear try to find a crystal gen with -reloadspeed, aa shield buff and maybe an attack or construction buff
Leveling Isic is important when playing him

But I’m willing to bet mindset is the biggest problem, i dont know how you’re playing him but dont just run out unless you have a healer, after the nerf Isic has low health for a tank character.
And throw up the wards the second your shields go down.
Plasma Dash can be used to make a quick escape for a bad situation Or stunning a tricky enemy
Isic is a tank but isn’t really a direct combat kinda of character he’s more of a rain hell upon the fight kind of tank.
Unless you have a healer on your back, and even then you shouldn’t go against any more than 2 enemies at once if avoidable.

One of the important things to note about Isic is he’s slow and bulky, meaning when you put yourself in a bad situation you wont be getting out of it (Unless you’ve saved plasma dash for a quick escape)
So Like i said it’s best to treat isic like he’s a mix of Support and Tank


Reloadspeed works for isic ? Sure ? Or do you mean attack spd ?

Don’t do this:

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He’s a damage character with lots of protection options.
Remember to juggle your shields, between your off-hand shield (USE THIS) your wards, and your innate shields, you have a lot of tankiness, use it.

I suggest some shield regen speed gear (since they nerfed his first helix item) Some health regeneration, and some basic health increase (preferable with any or all of these having health regen under %50)

He deals plenty of damage, you just want to keep him ALIVE.

Remember your wards are best when you’re attacking at the same time, or for protecting your back while you run. your off-hand regenerates faster than your wards, so if someone is focusing you, use that off-hand when your shields pop, they’ll either keep focusing, or turn their attention. If they focus just pop wards when the shield goes down, if they change focus, start firing and pop wards if you feel the need. If you stretch them this way though, you’ll have your shield, then 1000 to block, then wards, then 1000 more to block (assuming you don’t get your shields back) it gives you an extra 1k to soak up damage over warding first.

His off-hand play is MUCH more important now that he’s been nerfed, people used to be able to just rely on his wards.

Use your dash to run if you need to, and remember it can take you up on ledges.
Never try to shoot someone by yourself, remember, you’re a tank, focus on that, and team shoot.

Make sure you get good at hitting his charged shots, and don’t forget to overcharge your wards when you can.

Don’t ult unless you’re surrounded by teammates… seriously, just don’t do it, and if you’re done needing it, don’t walk around, just cancel it, the cooldown is pretty quick.

When using his charged shot dont am for the hero body aim next to thier feet. The splash will hit them and less chance of missing it. I keep thinking this why ISIC love…“knee caps?”

I really Love isic. For the loadout have defensive only cus he really do overall good dmg. Dont use his skills when attacking. Always save them and u will never die! His ultimate is the best one in the game. Stay far back and just fire at everything and watch it die!!:sunglasses:

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I think you misread, i said find gears with -reloadspeed (Debuffs that effect reload speed) since it doesn’t effect Isic and you’ll get cheaper gear.

I currently have an gear set I use with Orendi and Isic:

You see ISIC is complicated. He is a tank, but not. He is a run and gun character, that does not really run or really gun; except when he does. You have to feel the flow of ISIC-ridden angst and anger flow through your circuits.

Begin by understanding the charge cannon. It is weak until made strong (gear that boosts skill-damage and Helix choices). Once you have made your cannon strong, it will not fail you. It does not reload, it does not overheat.

Next you must embrace the power of the Phase-charge. Save this, do not reveal it to your enemies. Until it is too late. Then you have blasted passed (or even through them) and as they turn…you are shooting them in their B^%$#-face. Or if you are low on health, just disappear to fight again.

Then their is the power of your Wards. Even nerfed these can be a great asset. Use these in conjunction with strategic retreats and yes, even your phase dash and you will never be without shield.

And lastly their is the Infi-cannon. Not as powerful as in days of old but still a force to be reckoned with. Find a location that maximizes your position and unleash the forces of H3LL on your enemies with this awesome weapon. You will be slow, but unstoppable. If CCed, phase dash away and fight again another day.

Know these things you will be true to the spirit of ISIC.


Ahhhhh ! :smile:

I see

I did a game a few days ago, they hated me so much, at the end they combined their skills to double stun me and attacked me 3 vs 1 when they saw me arriving…

Even now ISIC is really powerful, I regularly do 15K/5D (knowing that a few of these deaths are avoidable, I’m just too greedy to get out in time or expose myself to finish enemies retreating), and I’m not a really good player.

Apart from that all have been said. I would recommand watching Lftstrafe’s channel on youtube, he has a lot of ISIC gameplay that OP (or others) could learn from.

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