ISIC PvE Gear Loadout Suggestions

So I have been playing ISIC lately and he is a very unique and fun character to play as. I want to know if any of you have suggestions for what gear to use on ISIC. Should I focus on Health, Shield Recharge, Damage, etc? Please leave a message after the sound of your fellow man wrapped by agonizing pain…OH PLEASE, NO, I NEED THOSE!!!

I’d go with shield capacity, health regen, attack speed and/or damage, stuff like that. Basically anything but CC duration and shield penetration will help greatly.

Also he benefits greatly from equipment with negative reload speed, as it lowers the shard price while yielding no drawbacks.

I’m a bit of an anomaly but I am running straight white 0-cost gear (until GBX fixes the Legendaries they broke).

  1. Health regen (squishy!),
  2. Critical Hit Damage (ISIC’s cannon is very accurate)
  3. Attack Damage (because More Damage!)

I play PC and PVE right now so these are adequate. if you are in PVP it might be different. I recommend if you are running expensive gear that you use a 0-cost shard generator. ISIC is kind of slow.