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I’ve seen a stream where someone played ISIC and there where two things that made me wonder.

  1. He was firing uncharged bullets while charging the main weapon, so there was no choice between many fast bullets or one heavy, always both at the same time.
  2. He could stay almost endless in his turret mode, that seemed very strong for an ultimate.

Does someone know if this is intended?

From what I understand the Ultimate had no timer on it was given a 2 minute timer. From what I’ve seen if the Ultimate does have a 2 minute timer it doesn’t appear to be working as the move is still unlimited unless you cancelled it or are stunned or knocked out of the move somehow.

As for the firing while charging I think this might be intended, but I can’t confirm. It could be a design decision or it could be a bug. As it is I kind of like being able to fire the regular shots while charging. It works better than the mashing your trigger to get the gun to fire normally did before. I’m not sure what they tweaked about the regular fire but something feels different. Smoother. Being able to charge while firing is different and sets him apart from Toby who also charges his weapon.

I can answer the first one.

The way ISIC’s weapon works is you hold the button to charge it, and as it’s charging it shoots rapid small bullets. Then, when you release the button, it fires the charged shot. Or, if you use a skill while you’re fully charged, it enhances the skill slightly. Does that make sense?

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Thx, but that was not the question.
It was more about how unusual it is for a chargeable weapon to offer the positive effects
of rapid fire and concentrated fire at the same time.

Seems that only a dev might know if that is intended or not.

This makes him significantly cooler

That’s right but I think the early transformation he had, where he was spinning his torso around and had the cannon in his back was even cooler.

The short answer is yes, this is Isic’s intended design. Here are some more helpful answers to the specific points in the original post:

The charged shot is how Isic’s passive interacts with his weapon. Isic’s passive “Overcharge” adds benefits to his other abilities after first charging Isic’s weapon. In the case of his weapon, this benefit is the ability to fire a charged shot that deals bonus damage. This is somewhat similar to Montana’s passive “Heatwave” which gives his gun bonus damage as it heats up.

Isic’s ultimate “Omega Strike” is strong and does last indefinitely, but it has several significant weaknesses. While Omega Strike is active Isic moves much slower, cannot activate other skills, cannot activate buildables, and cannot revive teammates in story missions. Isic can also be forced out of Omega Strike by being knocked back, stunned, or silenced to name a few. When Omega Strike ends for any reason (forced out or at Isic’s choice), it has a lengthy cooldown.


Thx, I didn’t expected such a fast response from a developer.
Now go back and make more stuff for the game :grin:.

Edit: Make me an insect character that can throw a hand full of spiders into the face of others were enemy players see them on their screen.:imp:

Just happened to check the forums at just the right time, I guess. Back to work.

Ok, so it is intended to last indefinitely? I guess I must have misunderstood something in an earlier conversation. Thanks for the clarification.

I can confirm that. I was fighting a Reyna in Siege Mode, and we were looping around a tree, and she just continuously circled around the tree, hitting me in the back, and fleeing when I turned around. This continued until I died.

I think that Isic is my favorite battleborn so far in the beta. His ult is good with skill damage bonuses.
Btw in omega strike hold both primary attack and secondary attack, then you are a damage monster.


His turrent mode is endless, and I think it should stay this way because:

· he moves incredibly slow, so he falls behind everyone else.

· can’t handle anything attacking from the sides or back.

· can’t really kill someone enless they single them out, or they stay in sight

Overall he’s a great DPS tank that doesn’t need changing.

And to how his weapon works, you really don’t need to stop shooting. The best way I find to use it is wait until it’s charged, fire the overcharge, and repeat.

Oscar Mike counter confirmed.