ISIC seems pretty bad

I can’t seem to figure out how to play him. He seems like one of the more complex characters, but I can’t kill anything at all.

What do you guys use as a finisher? I try to track targets with my basic attack, but not only is the hitreg iffy, but the damage is piddly. Am I supposed to only use charge shots? Is he even meant to get kills? Apparently he’s a tank.

EDIT: Except for his ultimate, that ■■■■ is ridiculous.

Stay in his Ultimate.

his character page does say complex.

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It’s incredibly strong, but then you can’t move. Basically you have to rely on team to collect shards, do merc camps, and everything else why you just main the objective. Not exactly very versatile.

He is the kinda tank that depends on negating damage all together due to his shields. When it comes to shooting enemies, I suggest using mainly his fully charged attack, the little bullets are mainly just so you can have some sort of damage while your saving the charge, but for the best results shoot fully charged shots. Also, try and keep yourself from getting flanked, he has less health than other tanks, but mainly due to the aegis and rotating wards. The one helix choice that can totally change how you play is between “you dropped these” and “this might sting”. You dropped these works wonders for trigger happy enemies, but kills will be harder to come by, it is mostly just to keep them off your back. This might sting is AMAZING at taking out enemy battle born of all types, just remember to get the jump on them, especially when paired with plasma dash. If you find yourself taking too much damage without the aid of regular wards, use the aegis to block while the stinger wards damage. Lastly, I recommend using rotating wards (damage blocking) right before going into sentry mode in the thick of a skirmish or right before walking into one since they stay with you when you transform, that on top of an overshield from a overcharge transformation will literally make you a tank. Sorry if this was a bit long, but I hope it helps! If you need any other tips, just let me know.

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Learn to utilize overcharge, that’s about it. I see a buttload of ISICs just holding down primary fire and then whining ‘waaah no damage he’s bad’ - you’re supposed to charge it and use it like you would a rocket launcher, the charged shot deals around 200 damage and has a small splash radius.

Plasma dash is not a damage dealer, it’s an escape tool, and you always spec it to stun to get away from melee spammers - also worth noting is that it can go through walls as long as you can place the skull on a flat surface and it can propel you upward to reach high areas, caught many benedicts off guard with this.

Rotating wards are great damage soakers, and when specced into either bullet reflection or short range DoT the become really annoying to deal with. Again, remember to overcharge them.

His Aegis seems really weak (500 damage compared to 1000 offered by two other Bborn with a shield), but recharges very quickly.

Also, overcharging Omega Strike is crucial. That overshield really matters. Bonus points if you overchage RW prior to going Mechwarrior mode.

You don’t track targets with the cannon, you need to lead them. And yes, if you know what you’re doing, he’s more than capable of killing stuff.

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I’ve found that one of his greatest strengths is his variety of ways of boosting his durability (Rotating Wards, Aegis, Omega Strike Overcharge). I’ve found that the level 2 helix choice is probably the most important. If you’re going up against lots of ranged enemies, “You Dropped These” is better, but against a large number of melee attackers, “This Might Sting” can work wonders. You do have to take into account the travel time of his primary weapon when firing (especially against enemy Battleborn and their frequent jukes). Generally, you want to be using his charge shot as often as you get it, either by OC abilities or by releasing it, since it generally increases your DPS and ability effectiveness by quite a bit. While incredibly slow, his turret mode can really shred things, especially since you can use your primary and secondary fire simultaneously. In a team fight or against a boss, OC turret mode can clean up very fast if you’re accurate. Like someone above said, it is VERY important to overcharge your abilities. The charge time is pretty fast, and can really make a difference. As far as gear goes, he benefits A LOT from health regen, and it’s generally a good idea in PVP to give him a speed boost.

He’s incredible!I got my first 20 kills with him in a incursion match that wasn’t infested with noobs. Everyone was around 20 at the time, and let me tell you buddy,it was a slaughter.

I found ISIC way less tanky than I expected but his damage and accuracy are real good. He owns the Singleplayer bosses as you can largely just stay in turret mode and go to town on them. Even his standard weapon outputs very decent damage and is effective at some range unlike Orendi for example. As has been stated, you need to reserve plasma dash for escape. It’s quite hard to actually connect with it anyway and in a combat situation you would be better off continuing to shoot.

The thing I don’t understand/like are his shields. His natural shield feels wussy as hell and his shield ability doesn’t seem to protect against melee, doesn’t last long and has a sufficiently long cooldown for it to not be there when you think you need it. I’m sure with practise it becomes second-nature to activate it at the correct time but it’s a real mental burden when you start out. Playing Vaccinator Medic in TF2 is all about popping the right mini-uber at the right time but with ISIC you’re expected to do that while also playing pro-actively.

I had a lot of fun with ISIC, he was a lot of fun in the story mode for sure, I did however have some trouble actually getting kills in PVP, I did great with assists and killing the minions, but definitely had issues getting a player kill. I wish his ultimate didnt slow him down quite as much and I am not a big fan of his secondary attack shield, would much rather have some other attack of some kind there.