ISIC Stealth Buff?

Does anyone know if GBX released a soft patch last night? My first match last night (7 Feb 2017) was Meltdown as ISIC. I was stunned to see how much improved his effectiveness was. My basic damage output seemed significantly higher, and the Overcharged shots were delivering kills on BB with 5% health remaining. Shepherds were dropping in 4 overkill cycles or less. Someone else said that the minion xp was buffed, which would explain the levelling speed increase (hit L9 in a Meltdown, where I used to struggle to get 6), but not the damage output. Final stats were 16/0 on the kill board, which NEVER happens with ISIC.

Anyone else play last night and see the same?

ISIC has always had the potential to do this well. What kind of gear were you running? From what I have heard, his charge cannon is affected by both skill damage and attack damage, so that can make a difference.


Charge cannon is only affected by attack damage. Omega Strike is skill damage. I run a free shard generator, Symbiotic Gauntlet and a skill damage epic (until I get BTF). Same gear as Sunday night, completely different result. I guess I could have just had an abnormally good game, but I was really hoping they’d boosted basic damage.

Actually, his Charge Cannon is affected by a number of different stats.

  • Attack Damage affects the fast shots fired while charging.
  • Attack Speed also applies to these shots. It has no effect on the charge-up time, though.
  • Skill Damage affects the charged shots (which are considered Skill Damage).

Just to clarify.

I haven’t played ISIC for some time now, but that’s a pretty strong offensive loadout.
It’s entirely possible that you just had a good game.


His base dmg is 177 and 22 each bolt iirc. It dosent have damage fall off, thats why isic is a tank.sniper.

Charge Cannon charged shots are affected by skill damage, proc Bola’s effect, can crit, and are generally much more lethal than people give ISIC credit for. I regularly see ISICs go +3 or better on stats.

What other legendary effects proc on ISIC’s charge shots? Bola is one, and I heard Lifesteal Brooch also works for him (at least in sentry mode).

Your loadout made you do that much damage. Skill damage and attack damage gear, namely SG and BTF, is the best type of gear you could ever run on ISIC.