ISIC Stealth Buff?

(Desimoneprime) #1

Does anyone know if GBX released a soft patch last night? My first match last night (7 Feb 2017) was Meltdown as ISIC. I was stunned to see how much improved his effectiveness was. My basic damage output seemed significantly higher, and the Overcharged shots were delivering kills on BB with 5% health remaining. Shepherds were dropping in 4 overkill cycles or less. Someone else said that the minion xp was buffed, which would explain the levelling speed increase (hit L9 in a Meltdown, where I used to struggle to get 6), but not the damage output. Final stats were 16/0 on the kill board, which NEVER happens with ISIC.

Anyone else play last night and see the same?

(issacemilio) #2

ISIC has always had the potential to do this well. What kind of gear were you running? From what I have heard, his charge cannon is affected by both skill damage and attack damage, so that can make a difference.

(Desimoneprime) #3

Charge cannon is only affected by attack damage. Omega Strike is skill damage. I run a free shard generator, Symbiotic Gauntlet and a skill damage epic (until I get BTF). Same gear as Sunday night, completely different result. I guess I could have just had an abnormally good game, but I was really hoping they’d boosted basic damage.

(<Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action>) #4

Actually, his Charge Cannon is affected by a number of different stats.

  • Attack Damage affects the fast shots fired while charging.
  • Attack Speed also applies to these shots. It has no effect on the charge-up time, though.
  • Skill Damage affects the charged shots (which are considered Skill Damage).

Just to clarify.

I haven’t played ISIC for some time now, but that’s a pretty strong offensive loadout.
It’s entirely possible that you just had a good game.

(PSN:Santbech_2038) #5

His base dmg is 177 and 22 each bolt iirc. It dosent have damage fall off, thats why isic is a tank.sniper.

(Vagrantsun) #6

Charge Cannon charged shots are affected by skill damage, proc Bola’s effect, can crit, and are generally much more lethal than people give ISIC credit for. I regularly see ISICs go +3 or better on stats.

(issacemilio) #7

What other legendary effects proc on ISIC’s charge shots? Bola is one, and I heard Lifesteal Brooch also works for him (at least in sentry mode).

(PSN: Hellyeah935 ) #8

Your loadout made you do that much damage. Skill damage and attack damage gear, namely SG and BTF, is the best type of gear you could ever run on ISIC.