Isic stun change

I just came here to say, I don’t normally use the word stupid as I feel it displays a certain sense of immaturity. But the stun time from 2 seconds to 1 second…FKING STUPID

It really seems pointless. Even the two second stun was barely enough to allow a decent chance to escape. It was useless for anything else. That whole helix level is pretty much a waste now.

My feeling is they wanted Isic and Kelvin to have “set-up” stuns as opposed “assassin stuns” like Ghalt and Galilea.

The shorter stun is intended not for their own benefit, but for attentive teammates to get a moment to pile in clean damage.


I think you’ve nailed it there. It’s unfortunate for those who play story mode solo. No surprise that people have been using the different skills in PvP in ways that the devs didn’t fully anticipate (or underestimated the amount of such useage.) I’m sure that, given time, players will adjust to the new numbers. I’m equally sure that there will be some who come up with entertaining new ways to break things - they always do!

I agree. Before it was an escape and team mates could capitalise on a melee character who had maybe overextended to reach you. Now? Characters like phoebe recover quick enough to still be able to phasegate and catch back up.

Speaking of which why is phoebe’s slow still 6 seconds? Given the nerf to kelvin and ISIC you would think that would’ve been reduced hell it is a longer slow than that seen on ultimates haha the consistency in the balancing seems non-existent sometimes :slight_smile:

You can escape and defend a slow.

Can’t do that with a stun.

A 2-3 second slow yes. 6 seconds? Tricky and relies heavily on a team mates intervention since skills are useless nullify in particular. A six second slow on a 20 second cooldown (that’s until you have the mutation as well on top of the 30% movement speed buff) Characters have been nerfed for less unfortunately. Hell Miko just had their movement speed buff halved. Consistent balancing? hardly.

2 second stun? Secured a large hit box characters escape. 1 second is laughable. ISICs stun was fine as it was punishing only if a melee character over extended (ISIC is normally in the back lines from my experience) and got surrounded by your team. Now it is hardly worth taking too back the other option isn’t any better.

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Anyone with a movement ability or any kind of CC off cooldown can fight back with a fairly decent chance . You also have to be in melee range, so two or three QMs immediately cuts seconds off that time that Phoebe could be attacking you.

A 3 second slow on melee? Whoever you slowed turns around, QMs you once and its pretty much over.

Melee has to have better CC because everybody has several tools to deal with melee. Honestly, Kelvins stun should have been left alone - he needed a buff, not a nerf.

Movement skills are affected by slow as far as I can tell anyway (nullify is at least).

Hmmm the majority of melee characters have slows of shorter duration phoebe is the exception I can understand melee characters have longer CC but 3-6x times longer seems a little excessive. A 2 second stun had very little impact other than aiding ISICs escape due to his slow attack speed (if you want a charged shot that is) from a 1v1 no change was needed.

I agree with kelvin reducing both the movement speed and the stun length was too much it needed to be one or the other at most it was too effective of an escape as it was. I also recall that his ice wall cooldown was meant to be reduced but that remained too haha

Melka still supermans off while slowed, Caldarius can ult away, Montana can dash through you, stun, and leave ( or hailstorm, which slows you), ISIC could do the same (harder now), El Dragon can still EL DRAGOOOOOON off into the sunset, Benedict can still take off straight up (he glides slower, but since Phoebe is melee, doesn’t matter), etc.

And the majority of melee characters have more tools than Phoebe; you have to look at their whole kit. Phoebe has two things: high DPS, and a long slow. That’s it.

Attikus has a bunch of life steal and debuffs with Hedronic Arc; Boldur’s has two separate forms of slow and knockback; Deande has two skills with burst damage; Rath has silence and lifesteal; Shayne has stealth and a ranged attack.

Phoebe trades versatility for potency. She slows, and then she stabs. That’s it. You can, at best, trade some attack for tankiness through helixes, but other than that, that’s her entire kit.

So she’s really good at basically one thing. She has no assassination tools other than high dps; no burst skills, no other CC, no real sustain, no range, and her slow is also her escape so she can’t really get out til 6.