ISIC. Why is he labeled as a "Tank"?

Aside from being a literal tank once you hit lvl 5 and get Omega Strike I mean. Sure he’s got a shield and his wards, but literally once you unlock Omega Strike that’s all I’ve seen (or personally) used. The other two skills become meaningless and he is just a damage powerhouse. The only time I exit Omega Strike is when I need to move slightly faster and I don’t need to move faster very often because I can just snipe with the cannon or keep people at mid range with the machine guns.
I noticed people complain about Omega Strike before and I’m gunna take a page from them… it should have a time limit. His other skills are nigh useless after you get it and just sitting there blasting things to hell and back get’s REALLY boring. He loses any kind of dynamic properties he has while he needs to use his other skills to survive.
Sorry for the rant. I’d appreciate any opinions or comments on the matter and thank you in advance.

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I actually thought something simillar. But instead of a time limit, perhaps there should be an incentive to exit his ult more often.
Here’s what I’m thinking:
-While in his ultimate he does not recharge shield.
-While in cannon mode, ISIC cannot receive any form of healing/shield buff
-firing his weapons while in cannon mode slowly depletes his shield.
-when shield is gone, firing while slowly deplete his health.

What do you think?

I humbly disagree. No time limited needed.
It is so very easy to pop him out of it with a stun, pull etc.
He is way easy to counter. But is VERY powerful if he is not countered.

They already nerfed him:
-Reduced ISIC’s base health by 20%
-Reduced Rotating Wards’ block strength by 50%
-Reduced Watchful Wards’ bonus by 40%


He’s labeled as a tank because his default abilities allow him to take exponentially more damage than most average characters.

If you’re able to just stay in tank mode all game after level 5, then your enemies are horrible. Enjoy it while you can.

His other abilities are far from useless at that point, he loses a lot of survivability (almost all of it actually) if you aren’t using them.


The tank label is a bit out of place, considering how many characters are just so much beefier than him, and with better defensive tools, too.

Like all characters, their label is just part of what they do. No character is ENTIRELY devoted to one role. All the healers also have either damage or CC as their secondary role, just go check their character page.

ISIC is a tank because he has a shield that can block large amounts of incoming damage (RMB) and can be doubled in strength. His rotating wards can be upgraded to reflect projectiles and have increased health. His ultimate upgrade can give him a powerful shield that regenerates on a very short delay and only takes 6 seconds to fully charge. Stack that with his high shield value anyway, and he’s a solid tank.

Sure, he’s not the best Melee tank in the game, since Melee tends to hurt him pretty intensely compared to ranged attacks. There are other characters that are less suited to ranged tanking but more suited to melee tanking. No two characters should ever have the exact same niche.

His nerf set his tankiness back a fair bit, but I find he’s still really strong if you actually play him correctly. His Legendary item even emphasises tanking by providing a source of rapid cooldown for his rotating wards.

What his ultimate CERTAINLY doesn’t need is a time limit. You can take that garbage idea to the incinerator and hurl it in. The shield augment is forward facing only, your speed is crippled, you cannot interact with anything except pickups on the ground and power pads, and you cannot use your abilities.

His role as it stands is perfectly fine. He can stand at the head of the pack, with a sniper and a support behind him, while he uses his size to block bullets and dish out damage. For bonus points, find a Leechsteal Brooch and get lifesteal for days (note, bonus points. I’m obviously not saying it’s mandatory for his build). You can even spec to drop your shields on a static point instead of carry them around, so you can use them to shield others while you enter your ulti mode for damage dealing.

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No need to nerf his Ult. If your opponents know anything about Isic they will knock him out of his Ult easily. Alani can bubble him easily since he moves so slow while in Ult form. Rath, Ghalt, Miko, anyone with a stun or knock up. Even the dam Thralls knock me out of it.

He is labeled a tank because if you spec him that way he can be a tank. Give him extra shields and health along with the correct mutations and he is hard to bring down.

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