ISIC won't unlock via story

I was playing the algorithim whith my brother, and when we beat the mission, he got ISIC and I didn’t. When I looked at my command page, it told me that I could only unlock him by reaching level 30. I would love it if someone could help me, because I really want to play ISIC.

This will probably get moved to the Open Beta bug reporting section in a bit as this classifies as a bug report. I’d do it myself but I’m not a moderator here so you’ll have to wait for Kitty or PH or one of the other cool mods to do it. At any rate the devs will read this and add this to the ever growing list of bugs that they beta testers are finding.

And this totally got moved as I was typing. :open_mouth:

That was fast!

Got ya moved to the bug report category.
Sorry about the trouble.

Seriously, though I REALLY wanted to play ISIC, and it is killing me on the inside not being able to (not literally, of course).

I have also encountered this bug in the PC/Steam version of the Open Beta, with pictures of proof below.
I’m now Command Rank 6, with 4 completions in Algorithm. ISIC’s profile still only shows “Command Rank 30” as an unlock condition, The “Complete “The Experement”.” condition is still missing.

I have this issue as well… I’ve completed The Alogrithm multiple times and the challenge is marked complete under Career.

The exact same thing happened with me