Isic's level 2 reflect

I’ve been grabbing this skill every time, and it doesn’t really seem to actually reflect much… I’ve only noticed it when I’m either standing on top of minions, or against montana. Is it reflecting a specific ammount, or is the full damage being returned? Maybe just re-word the tool-tip.

Works only with projectiles and on the wards. I

Only on projectiles and it’s awesome. I’ve killed OM and montanas without even knowing its. It also reflects turret damage. I once reflexed mikos spore ball thing and stunned him. Just a fantastic skill.

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I did it with Reynas Priority target :relaxed:

Yeah a kit if the talents could use better wording maybe but this one does indeed work. It works really well.

I’ve baited Mikos, Orendis, and Oscar Mikes into trying to 1v1 me, but the reflects shred them to pieces.

“81.7% of all my enemies die in burning agony :D” I love this character.

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EDIT: Corrections made between the uses of the terms “Ward” and “Shield”
Ward - ISIC’s shielding ability
Shield - the default thing

I wanted to add to this thread a strategy I found in the last game I played (last night).

The reflection talent allows you to 1v1 the first enemy sentry in incursion. I thought ISIC’s teleport up to the ledge where you can shoot it without it retaliating was real neat, but this potentially makes that a little too powerful.

The Reflective Wards reflect the sentry’s rockets and bullets and I am not 100% sure, but I think that attacks reflect by the reflective Wards do not deplete the Ward’s durability. This means that the Wards become the ultimate answer to ranged adversaries for their duration and are countered only by melee attacks or enemies realizing they shouldnt be shooting you at this point.

The sentry is totally screwed if you manage to get it to focus you without any enemies near you to stop you. You can use it to deplete the shields of the Sentry easily and then maybe keep shooting from around the safety corner. Using the Ward ability for this does leave you vulnerable to defenders however.

I am expecting the way sentries interact with certain talents to be looked at.