Isic's special needs a change

Isic has quite an overpowered ultimate that lasts forever which is completely mind blowing to me. When encountering him while he’s ult-ing you have a 1% chance to even get away. So i believe that it needs some sort of change so it doesn’t feel like he’s a one man wrecking crew. Making it last 30 seconds or even make him more squishy to attacks when he’s in his ultimate. so PLEASE MAKE THIS BE SEEN SO THERES NO MORE STUPIDITY ON THE BATTLEFIELD!

Any cc will take him out of his ult, and his movement and turn speeds are greatly decreased when ulting, making him much more vulnerable to melee characters.


He has very low movement speed while ulting. An agile character can try to run around him if they are brave enough. And he is actually squishier because he can’t use any of his other skills - no dash, no rotating wards, no aegis. (Unless he takes some helixes. But he is a tank after all)
A silence, a knockup or a stun will end his ult. It’s always a good idea to have one of the 3 on your team comp, even when there is no ISIC.

If you’re playing with a character that can’t deal with an ISIC ult, summon a teammate that can.


His ultimate trade his move speed & abilities for a huge fire power.
In case you didn’t notice he can’t use any abilities when in ultimate.
So YES you can use his ultimate forever, but with this movespeed you’re just a huge DPS machine that goes as slow as a turtle.
Last time I saw an ISIC use his ultimate he got killed in 2-3 shot of toby.
He’s VERY vulnerable.

Plus even a tiny pull / knockup or any other CC cancel his ability (which is really stupid)
Ever played against galilea the CC master as ISIC ? stun pull & silence, good luck using that ultimate

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As Nyaka said, use CC, profit.

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With how ridiculously squishy ISIC is in his ultimate, if you can’t take care of him, you really don’t know what you’re doing. I’m sorry, but you don’t. He was pretty easy to take down before, but now it’s just a matter of getting in a few good shots. Easier if you use CC.

Oh god, Gearbox, don’t take this seriously. ISIC couldn’t take another shot to the gut. He’s barely fun in PvE any more as it is.


Yep. I’ve knocked him out of it using both Shayne and Aurox and Montana. The former used Fetch while I Lumberjack Dashed with the later. While you could pretty much waltz through PVE with his ult activated, you have to be very, very careful in PVP with it because it’s very easy to get flanked while in it.

I doubt they will because they look at numbers as well as what the community says and so far only the OP thinks it’s an issue.

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nyakasgoods hit the nail on the head. I main Isic and I love his ult. Use ANY CC while he is in ult and he is as good as gone. even if he gets out of his ult (which takes a moment to transform) he is still a huge target that cant run away without clipping everything and stopping dead so the only other option is to dash out (which takes another moment) and I usually die while in the middle of my dash anyway.

Its the fact that he can’t take anyone out in a close space. You dont know what youre talking about if you dont agree it does to much. Im a beast with orendi and even with all her damage he still can manage to kill me before i even have a chance.


No. Orendi is fragile by design—a glass cannon. If you are approaching Isic in his ultimate head-on, you absolutely SHOULD get destroyed. This is the equivalent of you catching someone off guard with Orendi’s ult combo.


Not needed. any CC will get him out of ultimate.
also his ultimate is basically stationary and super slow walking around. He’s more controller than tanker in that aspect but overall tanks it up too.

That’s more learning the map and not letting yourself get cornered by him. As everybody else has said, his ult is fine, you may need to change your tactics: throw a shadow pillar underneath him and use Nullify to escape. If those don’t work, then try not to get cornered.

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Better yet, approach from the top, side, or back. And if they are positioned somewhere you can’t easily do that, then you are facing a skilled player that knows what they are doing.


I agree with most people that ISICs ultimate has it’s drawbacks, and is easily counterable with the right tactics, but i still feel that it shouldn’t last until it is deactivated by the user, or until ISIC is CC’d out of it. As an example, Toby’s ultimate has the same movement speed penalty, a 2.5 second windup, less damage unless you hit players continously in the head, and lights Toby up like a big “kill me” beacon; oh, and it has shorter range. This is admittedly more of a “Toby’s ultimate needs a buff” argument, but the key difference between ISIC’s ultimate and Toby’s, the one that causes people to complain that ISIC’s is overpowered, while Toby’s is unusable, is the duration. Granted Toby’s would still be worse if Gearbox made its duration toggleable, but you get my point.

I can safely say that having Toby’s ultimate last forever would be the worst thing imaginable…for Toby.

I can just hear it now. “Hey everybody, Toby is stuck in his ult. don’t cc him.”


Oh no, it would still need to have its range and damage increased, and have the windup removed to be GOOD, but at least if core discharge was toggleable like ISICs ultimate, instead of spending 2.5 seconds for a 6 second ultimate, it would be VIABLE. It would also make his Killing on Rails lore much easier to complete. I said the duration was the KEY difference, not the only one. If ISICs ultimate only lasted 6 seconds, people probably wouldn’t use it.

I just don’t get why it can last forever. Nobody else can do that and the first time I used him, I was shocked.

Because of how easy it is to cancel and run circles around.


Yeah, ISIC’s ult is fine in pvp. its certainly not op by any means. it still takes time to kill people/things, and isic is molasses. Personally I think you’re better off not ccing isic out of it if you want the kill.
By ccing him you’re giving him an out and more than likely all of his defenses. At the very least that adds to the time you would need to kill him, and his friends could come in the mean time.
Isics ult in pvp is a strategic choice too because of limited mobility. I only do it if it’s just me an minions, or if i have plenty of team backup. Or if I’m feeling especially vindictive and dont care if i die XD
Once i run out of enemies i usually manually out so no one can come behind me.

Yeah, Toby (and Kleese too) need ult upgrades. :stuck_out_tongue: