ISIC's ult in premades

Recently I fought against a premades where a Reyna and Miko fed an ISIC, thenot kept him in ult for as long as possible. He slowly took down sentries because if we tried to cc him their Thorn and Benedict took us out. Supports are already quite powerful, but when they’re in a good team with a setup this powerful (cheesy), it becomes ridiculous. I know that many topics say this, but when high damage tanks get supported, they’re too difficult to take down. I believe this is just further proof of how we need solo and premades queues.

Yeah, there’s an issue with supports currently… especially running two at the same time. Good thing the Devs have said they’re working on it…

It does sound like you may have been lacking a good front-line though, Boldur, Montana, ISIC, or Galilea shouldn’t have had much trouble getting him out of his ult really, and there’s a handful of assassins that should have been able to do it pretty easily as well: Deande, S&A, etc.

Yeah we had a Rath, Phoebe, Montana, Alani, and S&A. They simply had Thorn and Benedict guard him as he cooled on ult, and then he was back again. We managed to take their first sentry but after that they pushed and our team never managed to push again after such a show of strength. But yes I’m very happy supports are being addressed. Supports are my favorite but I only consider Reyna a proper full suport

SaA would be able to un-Ult him, easy peasy. Just stealth over and give him a Fetch.

Yeah, to be honest, our Shayne was probably fresh out of the gate. Montana too. They both had low damage, shards, minions, and high deaths.

4 out of your 5 characters have good options to knock up/stun ISIC out of his ult. Thralls will do it as well. Honestly it just sounds like a learning experience to me

yeah…your team might as well been made to cc him out of his ult…This time around I feel like it was more player experience than the supps.

Yeah I’d have to agree in the end. Their coordination was fantastic and ours abysmal.