ISIC's ult not intimidating?

So I’ve been playing ISIC nonstop for the past few weeks, even mastered him, now I noticed ALOT of people got right up close to me while I was in his ultimate. I know he can be easily be stunned out of it cause he is really slow during but I just had a Thorn of all people get up right in my face and wreck me. I know to always keep my distance from people but those people are the ones that charge at me. Personally I think they should increase his speed during Omega Strike.

What do you guys think? Does Omega Strike need improving or is it fine to you?

To me it’s fine the way it is.

You can kill a target rather quick, but it has a fair chance to escape, so you still got to aim for the killing blow.

The 40 Second Timer doesn’t bother me.

The only thing that might be improved a little is his Movement speed… maybe 5-10% more for it wouldn’t hurt, but as I said it’s fine for me.

Nah it is fine plus big characters just melt, if there are a lot of agile small characters get the mutation and they will melt if mostly big characters get the right helix

EDIT: he has really balanced level 10 helix choices (probably the most balanced level 10 helix choice)


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t close flanking the preferred way to deal with an ISIC in Ult, providing you don’t have a readily available CC?

I mean, you’re gonna lose a firefight to that guy at distance. Move laterally closer to improve your own accuracy and force him to rotate, methinks the Thorn in question was trying to use superior speed to prevent you from locking on with all those big guns, right, and drew in closer so her vastly inferior rate-of-fire had a better chance at landing crits?

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