Isnt BL3 events a useless thing where company workers just wasted time for nothing?

Please dont get me wrong as i like this game and they did a great job…but, these events are useless as all you need to do is turn off internet and get drops 10x more than in any of these events - plus you gain alot more exp. So we had boss event same drop chance and amount on offline, now rare spawns they have a chance fo a certain item only, where killing on offline you will get atleast 5x more leg drops…next is Eridium event where eridium is a totally useless currency in this game. So why make events that are inferior to a damn offline mode??? I would better like to see some event quests than useless thing like these events.

That seems weird - Earl’s vending machine is a great place to find on-level anointed weapons, and some people seem to be into the cosmetics too, so maybe this is as geared towards them as anything?


For me it’s great. I seem to have no luck going offline anywhere in the game now. Might be the patches along the way or luck. Plus it’s a fresh take on this series that can be improved on. Im really looking forward to more creative events.


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Ta muchly!

I’ll happily take more eridium. I still have plenty to buy from Earl. And it’s almost certainly more useful to me than running into special named enemies repeatedly who never drop anything worth mentioning if they drop anything at all. Oh, really thirteenth El Dragon? One SMG ammo? And I’m not even using a SMG. Thanks.

I found absolutely bunk during the rare spawn event. I farmed force troopers for several days and only thing I ever had drop was 2 garbage legendary heavy weapons. So offline defiantly seems to be the way to go to get anything, but maybe I just have bad luck…

if you’re farming troopers then i assume you want legendary class mods. They don’t drop offline, so in this case you’re better off playing the event.

There’s a moderately possible chance that the eridium event is less about Eridium dropping and more about a use for what we have?

For people who love cosmetics (and farming for good, on-level anointed weapons is way easier in Earl’s machine), there’s a good use for Eridium. I mean, six years from now when the number of new players is negligible and people interested in obtaining every cosmetic are largely done, an Eridium event would seem out of sorts, but a month into the game’s release seems about right.


There a quick fix to that.
U can plug the net cord in till u load in to game so the hot fix runs thin unplug the net and as long as u dont turn the game off u can play off line with all the hotfixes and events going on.
U can still boss farm like u normaly would going back to the main screen does not turn off the hotfixes only fullly closeing the game does.
Thats what i did for week1 and know for a fact that it works because its how i got my legendary class mods lol

but if the hotfixes are applied, what’s the point in going offline?! i’d thought people farm offline to avoid applying the hotfixes so they would get pre-nerf drop rates/garantueed loot tink and increased EXP?

possibly, or could be both. double eridium gains and cheaper annoited weapons at earls vendor?

It appears that maybe you and others missed the unmentioned point of why companies do events like this early on in a game’s life.

They are doing such events so a lot of people WILL play these online events all week because that gives the company A LOT MORE DATA to look at based on loot drops and player game play than they could get in their small test environments.

So as the company (in this case Gb) will now (theoretically) have a lot more loot data and general player data that they can use to examine more thoroughly what forumites are saying and all players are doing, the will have a much better idea of what needs balanced, and from there an idea of how they want to do so.

Considering the game is very clearly data driven, due to the way they’re able to perform data hotfixes directy on the client without patching the whole game, all of the events that they have planned appear to be very simplistic and only require basic data changes.

So, if you’re worried about Gearbox employees wasting their time on these events, take heart that 1 designer likely spent less than a week balancing out the values and getting them ready, and the backend guys maybe an hour or two a week - and that’s only if they weren’t smart enough to build a system where they could just schedule the push and have it happen automatically.

As for Eridium being useless - while this is true for the most hardcore, I’ll at least find some value from running my alts which still need to buy up cosmetics. 6 months from now, however, it’ll look silly without new stuff to buy.

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Yeah I ran Red Jabber a stupid amount of times and the best I got for it was a Woodblocker, which, while I am sure there are those out there that enjoy it, I throw away regularly.

Don’t even need to go offline to outperform these events. Graveward or slaughter shaft obviously better drops. Heck i dont think some of them can even drop. Like that goliath at jakobs estate i killled dozens of times even before the event has never once dropped a legendary pretty rare for him to drop any item at all. Done full slaughter star runs with 1 or 2 legendary items. Yet never done a slaughter shaft with less then 20. It is obvious their loot tables are broke.
People complain loot is too common but that is because everything drops from a few select sources. If you play the game outside of these sources legendarys are quite rare. Which makes the game get boring quick. Would love to do other aspects of the game like proving grounds or side missions but you get almost no reward for it. And the answer isn’t to nerf like they did with horders,chupacabratch, etc. Because all that did is give us less variety in what to do.

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With that goliath you got to get him leveled up like other goliaths and it seems to (in my limited testing) increase his chances of dropping his legendary pistol.

Talking about the event rare not jeckle/hide. El stinky or whatever his name is.

Playing offline and avoiding the fixes they made to the game does not give you the right to say the events are bad. Of course they are going ti be bad for a cheater like yourself but anyone with some morals and self respect who plays online will certainly see the difference. Cant wait until they make all the changes effecting online work for offline to so you really start to complain! Playing offline is akin to an exploit because no patches effect it currently and you are just a bad person for abusing it, dont stop the devs from helping the honest folk like myself getting loot easier. You are being more then a bit ignorant here…

Oh El Dragon, yeah sorry no idea there