Isn't it absurd that one class mod is vastly superior to another?

I get that Gearbox wants to manage one weapon against another. I see the buffs and nerfs. They’re trying to up the underpowered ones and limit the overpowered ones.

But why on earth are some cmods so much more powerful than other ones? Isn’t that what the game is based around? They claim to want build diversity. Making class mods relatively equal would be a powerful way to enforce such diversity. Making one mod waaaaay more powerful than the others would do the opposite.

We start with classes, move on to skill trees, and then the next logical step
is class mods.

More important than artifacts, shields or grenade (anointments) for the starting point of almost any build.



I guess this probably about specifically about seein dead and spiritual driver? is that still meta? I’m of the opinion class mods are waaaaay to core to the characters and have way to much influence on your play style. Maybe I’m remembering it wrong but in bl2 class mods were more supplementary to your builds rather then the principal.


I would say that I find most legendary class mods to be underwhelming. I want them to dramatically augment/change my play style.


I never cared for the red text on a legendary aside from maybe one or two between zero and Gaige, mainly just the extra buffs and the skill points. This game I do feel n intense pressure to have the right mod for the build.

As far as seein’dead and driver I guess git gud or get one of those.

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Definitely was the case in BL2. Once I got my gaige to 72 I played for about a year while using an Epic class mod just because it had the skills I wanted, until I finally got a shiny new 72 legendary com.

As to the OP:

I agree with you in this regard. Some of the red text effects of coms seem like they should have just been skills in an associated tree to begin with because they are so powerful. But I do think GBX is trying to promote build diversity (recent weapon boosts to mitigate the “trash” vs “meta” gap). They just cant prophesize how people are going to be able to find uber powerful builds with weird gear synergies.


It depends who you play, but for certain characters they had exactly ONE god tier class mod and then a few class mods for specific boss kills.

I played Axton and literally the only good class mod was Legendary Solider, with Expert Grenadier and Legendary Pointman being good for certain things (but even then you could just stick with LS and do fine).

I’m pretty sure it was a similar situation for other characters. They might have had at most 2 meta class mods, and 2-3 specialized ones, but the rest were trash. And Borderlands 2 has a wide variety of class mods too, each normal one comes in 3 flavors, and then there was a difference between blue and purple ones.


Eh, not really.

The Soldier was definitely never a bad choice, and was always the second best if not the best in any given situation. But the Legendary Engineer and the Grenadier had it beat for certain weapons. Also, depending on the gear you used (Bee shield) Engineer could really widen the gap.

I feel that you actually proved the OPs point. Class mods in BL2 weren’t be-all-end-alls. There may have been one COM on every class that was always “good”, but there weren’t any that were just flat out always the best.

While I wouldn’t say that’s the case in BL3 either, I do feel that, for Zane at least, there is a tiny group of COMs that will basically cover just about every situation in the game better than their competition. Otherwise Amara has decent mod variety once you realize you almost never need as much DPS as the the big three (Driver, Phasezerker, and GR) give you. Moze has great COM diversity across builds, and FL4K can use most of their’s interchangeably with little fanfare.


Sorry but GR?

EDIT: Oh nevermind you mean Golden Rule LOL. I always forget that one exists, I just got the season pass and only recently beat the Jackpot. Nimbus is good too. And Breaker is solid for melee builds. She has a lot of variety, just Driver is good because of the special effect. The stat boost to Mindfulness is great, but the fact you can proc elemental dot on yourself is the biggie here. But if you wanna do that and use another class mod, you can just use a low level Maliwan pistol.

The only time I felt legendary engineer outperformed legendary soldier was when I was bee hawking with Gemini spec’d in, which I really hated to do. I only carried expert grenadier and legendary soldier.

Maya, and obviously Zero had multiple legendary coms that catered for distinctly different build and play styles.

I only play Fl4k in BL3. Other than Red Fang, every Fl4k legendary coms feel generic.

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Class mods are a hard thing to balance compared to weapons because there are so many build varieties that are hard to predict. I do agree though that they need some tweaking now that the game has been out a while.

Also, I personally find the Spiritual Driver to be wildly overrated if you aren’t running a Recursion. I have way more success with mobbing with the Phasezerker.


Actually the extra 3 level cap raise from 50 to 53 should promote build diversity according to GB. Where did you read that class mods should promote build diversity? I read mine from the Broken Hearts official news.

To be fair, Zane was like vastly underpowered before seeing dead com

I don’t know, some class mods are head scratch to me, they have so little power… For instance, Atm I am playing the “cold soldier” Zane class mod, the skills are fine but the special property is whenever Zane freezes someone apply a random status effect, which seems fine except I have no idea how they calculate the value of the dot which ticks at like 100-200 dmg with a lv 53 weapon, why so weak? why not scale the dot to the weapon damage like usual? I am trying to think if this dot could have some indirect use, but I don’t really see what, nothing stacks when applying dot.

Good question. I’ve pondered this a good deal and can’t really come up with any good reasoning.

Seein’ Dead is most likely a response to Zane’s flaws as a class. The “good” Zane com is also gated behind paid content, which is more of a head scratcher…then there is the fact that all of his other Legendary Coms(except Executor) are stale doodoo…it makes no sense to me…Zane’s Shockerator, Cold Warrior, Techspert, all are horribly thought out and lame.

mats had quite few good ones and a couple great ones.

Flak and Moze both have a couple good and several mediocre.

I’m not a fan of Legendary Coms being so polarizing in regards to how powerful they are. Wish they were closer balanced and more thought out.

Also, wish Fl3ks Redfang ability was baked into blue tree as a skill.

Yeah, class mods feel super generic in BL3.


To be honnest, most com are really easy to balance. Not easy to make them perfect as you have to account which random perk you add in, but the legendary bonus are often “value” based, meaning you can always tweak the number to up or nerf different com

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I like diversity and am happy with COM’s of varying strength as that provides options…

Chain Zane using seeing dead is ok for mobbing, which all characters do very well with many builds, but not so much for boss killing so its hardly that Godly. Spiritual driver with Amara using many weapons bar a Recursion, etc - same issue.

Even when you have the God-roll versions of com’s the game can be more challenging, depending on loadout or the purpose you are playing.

I’m still trying to Solo the Raid TVHM M4 on a gamma Fl4k scaled to 4 (after I have had to refarm all the gear I had for the task.) Another great build for Mobbing.

I like the idea of having more skills points and more useable coms of varying power and utility (for different purposes). Don’t particularly like spending 8 million to Respec. And having more loadout slots, and the ability to quick switch (rather than Respec), for each character would be a better Q of L improvement IMO.

Also if loot drops were better I assume people would be less in a rush to use OP boss killing builds…As they know if they don’t they may never find the loot they want for their build experiments…

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“Chain Zane” maybe. But Seein Dead? Zane kills Wotan in less then 2mins with little effort on 4 player scaling. He can 1 shot most bosses with the right weapon, can 1 mag Agonizer etc etc. All of it is point and shoot. Seein Dead does literally everything better then Zane’s other class mods all with a fraction of the effort both in setting up a build and using it.


Eh… Legendary Engineer was largely considered best for clearing OP 10. Soldier was following shortly behind.

I still had a Legendary Ranger build that could clear OP 9, and I’m nowhere near the best player.

Point is, it wasn’t like you say it was… Not so nearly black and white, good and bad gear.

I find it strange the GBX didn’t have top builds already made… As in, during development, GBX set what OP builds would be apparent and which items went into the builds. IMO if a class mod exists it has a tree spec and loadout associated with it

Seems strange that they made all these all these stats, red texts, Cmods and skills while leaving it up to players do define what works and what doesn’t.


The Legendary Soldier was the best COM 90% of the time. The only time it wasn’t was with grenade/tediore builds or niche raid kills with the Tina Ranger. The Engineer really doesn’t compete. But its not because the Leg Soldier was that good but more of Axton was robbed in his second wave of Legendary COMs.