Isn't Rad Damage good against shields?

So I read this article on Forbes that covered elemental damage, and I think Paul needs to go back and experiment with elements again. I’ve been using numerous guns that deal radiation, and while I agree it is average on health and poor on armor, it’s DEFINITELY good on shields; almost as much as straight up shock damage. Shields deplete very easily when getting hit with Rad damage, and I’ve even tested it with my vladof anointed cryo gun that deals 50% rad damage for 2 mags on ASE. That gun in particular is great on armor, but when ththe anointed effect kicks in, it also becomes pretty damn good at burning out shields when it otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

With that said, am I the only one who thinks Radiation is a good alternative (maybe even better) than shock at burning shields?

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Rad has 100% dmg on health, so no bonus/penalty. On shields depends on the mode, 100% on Normal and 150% on Mayhem/TVHM.

Can you show this to Paul Tassi please? He clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

I don’t know who he is.

He’s in article writer for Forbes, but at the time he makes articles about Borderlands 3, they’re either half pretentious at best or just downright wrong at worst.

I don’t think anyone cares enough to forward this to a random game journalist, especially since the term is rather oxymoronic :wink:

Wait… there’s an article about Borderlands 3 in Forbes, or this guy just wrote the article on this own blog or something? That is a weird combo.

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All of this is the 3 star-rating system directly from the game (when inspecting gun), which is very simplified and doesn’t cover the full difference between elements.
So it’s kinda GBX fault. They should use 10 points scale, or just accurate % numbers.