Isn't Solo/Duo Queue suggested for people with little PVP experience?

Thought I read that somewhere and thought I’d give it a try. So far it’s just another stompfest for PVP noobs. Guess PVP is out of the question until matchmaking actually matches.


It’s just a suggestion to limit the possibility of running into full coordinated and premade teams. You may still end up on a team that is far less experienced than the opposing team.

And yes some premades abuse this purposefully try and queue up together but I like to think this is less prevalent.

Sounds like if you’re just starting PVP, you ain’t got a prayer . . .

We don’t have a large enough playerbase for a strict ELO matchmaking so sometimes you’ll run into some trial by fire games. I think if you’re on console Quick Match is still the best queue to ease your way into pvp except for today where many of the full premades will be in Quick Match.

With a playerbase that’s split between three platforms and then 24 to 30 characters, everyone on the planet would have to be playing at the same time for it to work. Guess I’ll just pass on the PVP and move on.

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Play one more time and save the video. If you like i could coach you.

I would like to help you :slight_smile:


in response to the topic title, no.

i, and i know some others, play it to either see how good we are in a vaccuum (no friends), or to play solo when normally you play with friends. sometimes you just arent feeling social/dont want to talk.

the best way to ease in pvp on battleborn is add folks and play with them. you need some stronger players who can make up for what you dont know in matches while you learn. i was duoed with a cr10 friend yesterday, while the rest of my matches were solo. He was focused on learning/playing one character. That’s fine because i can fill for any roles that are missing on the team.
if there are too many newbies on a team trying to get better at a certain character, your team comp is going to suffer, even against other newbies who maybe lucked into a good team comp.

id be fine with solo q being solo q for everyone except mentors, who can duo q with players new to pvp (<so many pvp matches, to allow high cr pvers to get mentored for pvp), but thatd take some work to implement in game.
especially since a strong duo can carry in solo/duo q, making only mentors/students eligible to duo would help.

as always, im happy to play with anyone. :slight_smile:


Mellka pls

You are a good coach!!!


Solo duo is filled with one of two types of players: first is newer or less pvp focused players that don’t like getting stomped and are looking for a fairer game. The second is skilled players confident enough in their ability to carry a team of randoms in a pub game. This can create somewhat unbalanced matches but it’s still probably the best place for someone not playing in a team.


It’s more for balancing out the 5 man premades than it is for new players. I solo queue mostly and I get the best consistency of balanced matches while playing solo/duo (2teams of high skill level but limited coordination). I would still recommend solo/duo over quick match to a noob because quick match is the only place to find 5mans today. If I had to recommend a way for someone new to get into pvp, without having someone else walk them through it, from the time they first get the game, it would go like this.

1 complete the story.
A lot of players jump straight into pvp thinking that it is separate from the story or that nothing carries over. Story is a great opportunity to learn about how an individual character works and is also a completely necessary grind to get that sweet loot. Gear load outs are very important for pvp. Not having any gear at all will put you at a great disadvantage. You are going to want to grind for those bolas target finders and symbiotic gauntlets at some point, you are better off getting it out of the way early and get some practice in the process (I wish I had)

2 pvp tutorial.
They worked hard to give us a much requested and much needed tutorial for pvp. If you have completed step 1 this should just be showing you how the things that you have encountered in the story fit into pvp. At this point you should be very familiar with minions, thralls and building turrets. These are all good things for newcomers to focus on in pvp. Thralls and turrets can help a newbie keep up on xp and help the team without having to put themselves in harms way.

3 bots battle. This is where you focus on learning about battleborn interacting. Who is good against who and who works well with who. This is emphasized by the “chaos factor”. Having a whole team of the same character will show very quickly what their strengths and weaknesses are. Learning who your hard counters are so that you can avoid them or picking reveals against stealth can help newcomers avoid getting hit hard from a bad pick in character selection. This is also required knowledge for draft mode.

4 pvp.
Now that you know what the objectives are and what the characters capable of in a controlled setting, you may be ready to try the skills you have learned against other players.


Solo / Dup queue leaves neither Queue safe.

Solo due queue now seems to be filled with brutally skilled sharks who KNOW they can carry teams and then the premades (whether “casual” premades or a*shole stomp premades) who don’t want to play solo jump into Quickmatch and tear lower level / lower skill level players new orifices.


I agree with lemonheadjake’s above comment, it was a good list. It gives a lot of players a break from the usual five mans that run around in Incursion.

I see a lot of hate in direction of five-mans, but truthfully the five man’s that run around are just good players who would rather play with people who they know will play in a good, smart fashion. Sometimes randoms, the many people playing online are either new to the game or do certain things that are usually ruled as poor decisions (grabbing thralls when the minions need clearing, picking certain characters with no knowledge of how to play them or playing in very aggrivating fashions/ways that do not help in winning the objective or game; among many other reasons). Not only does it give the rest of the community a break from the five man’s it also gives the five man’s a break from each other. Sometimes I try to purposely run into/against players like @blainebrossart1 @vagrantsun or @Nemosis327 because they are good players and it’s fun to have friendly challenges/play against them as well as play with them.

Another thing a lot of people have to realize, this game has been out for a good long while and like every other game that has been out for more than half a year, there has been a player base since the game was launched and those players are now the “veterans” of the game and are REALLY, REALLY damn good at the game now. A lot of these players make up the groups/five man’s these days and even if they aren’t in the five-mans or groups, great players exist regardless and the gap of time that new players have between “veterans” is almost a year in the making.

will there be times where you get completely pub-stomped by certain players? Yes. Solo/Duo queue isn’t for people with little PvP experience. Practice will only make you better at the game but again, @lemonheadjake advice was really good advice. Gather gear, learn how characters work and lvl them up even in story, unlocking all their mutations. A lot of players are pretty friendly if you get in contact with them and ask them for help/advice instead of just getting angry at them/frustrated because they’ve had over a year with the game and (for example) you’ve had comparatively little


Matchmaking will never be ideal for newcomers/veteran noobs specially in a pug team. If you enjoy pvp in general, you will get there and learn through the countless of mistakes and defeats you will experience. Otherwise, stay out of the fire if you can’t handle the heat.


So what, if any, sort of solutions ARE there at this point?

It’s clear that us Veterans are leagues more experienced / skilled than the newcomers or more casual players, so, even the best-intentioned Vets using every method they can think of to handicap themselves / be fair are going to give the newer people an incredibly frustrating time, leading to them potentially not sticking around.

Hell, even the different stratifications of skills amongst the VETERANS is starting to drive the (no offence to anyone intended) “lesser skilled” / more casual VETERANS away.

So, what can be done to remedy this, if anything?

It’s clear the majority of experienced people are NOT going to change their attitudes nor the justifications they have for how they treat other players, and, something I have known for a while but that has become INCREASINGLY clear to me lately, is that the bad attitudes of many skilled / experienced Battleborn players are GREATLY hastening this game’s demise.


@loving-hatred @garrus_sniper @nemosis327 @SirWalrusCrow @lemonheadjake


Sadly i dont think we can achive a satisfactory solution.

Overwatch a game with ranked system and casual queue is full of toxic players and smurf accounts.

Is not something about the game but people who play the game and how they behave to others.

I know some players here who send hate mail but act like they are cool and never get salty. This kind of actitude is bad, but seems like is human nature.

We have players who try to behave and help others to avoid some toxic activities.

In the end of the day, i cant say i help every single new player, i do destroy them… Sometimes is just imposible to not do it. I can’t make the game leas fun for me but i should not make the game less fun for others.

What i can do is share my knowledge with others and offer coaching to anyone who wants some help, i do apreciate all the information shared in forums!! All the videos of game play, i learn something new almost every time i play bb solo or in a team.

If i could suggest something it would be:

1 be polite, always!
2 send tips and tricks if you see someone struggling with a character or the game itself
3 send positive msgs. “Hey alani crazy buble positioning”


Going easy on the new people is not a good way to go about it, certainly don’t have to rock your best character every time you run into new players, but playing at a level that is below competitive is more insulting than playing your best and being actively toxic, IMO.

I would rather get stomped and then learn what I can do better, in fact, that’s how I got to my current level of Benedict play @vagrantsun curbstomped my Benedict of the past and I was astonished about how good it was and I asked him to mentor me/recommend gear for playing as Benedict. granted there are some toxic attitudes within the community that I’ve heard of/experienced (hell some could count me as one of them, but I wouldn’t know).

But to blame the community’s small player base on Premade’s/five mans is too much. Those are just good players looking to play with teams who’s skill levels and experience with the game aren’t things they need to worry about


Ur the most toxic player I know ya lousy kill farmer. And yes I try to run into you as well so I can put you in your place :wink:



Be sure to vote nemo in the next battleborn election so that we as a community can work together to fix this troubling issue!


Short harsh answer?

There isn’t a good answer. At this point and with everything that I’ve seen from battleborn my bet is the devs can’t attack this problem directly with how the playerbase is, which means the community needs to police itself…and you can see the results of that. Groups trying to catch each other in solo/duo, experienced teams stretching out matches to get kills, spawn camping…

people will abuse any system they have the ability to, whether to test their boundaries(tinkering with gear or helixes or even ways of engaging)…or people who only enjoy a game when crushing the enemy team(pubstompers)

Battleborn is leaving very little gray area the more time goes on. And the fewer grey areas there are the more divided we will become. There isn’t really a common cause to unite people in this because too many people will just say f*ck it and move on to other games after getting ground into paste a few dozen times. There’s “get good” and then there’s a meat grinder…personally battleborn is a meat grinder, we are telling everyone the only way to survive is to group up to form teams, does any realize that’s just high school survival?(no seriously! we’re all forming cliques, you can almost see factions in this community based on opinions about battleborn)

Edit: name an idea if you want me to expand on it and I’ll ponder and add the thoughts that occur to me, this is a general overview to show my short answer isn’t simply a defeatist attitude