ISO 5 Fairly Common Items Lvl 72 (plenty to trade in return)

ISO (lvl 72) edited as of 9/4

Sticky Homing Meteor shower
legendary nurse class mod
Sticky Homing O-Negative(slag)
Lyuda(4-6x zoom)
72 Shreiffs Badge
72 Deputy Badge
72 Hoarder Class Mod

All intriguing relics that boost stats on weapon manufactures only. Again looking for everything lvl 72.

My psn is danNYSamber

Willing to trade other 72s or OP8s. I have too many to list, but everything from Infinities, Conference Calls, Perfect Sham, Grog Nozzle, etc etc. If you have message me on this forum and we can discuss!


I got a few lyudas you might like, is that grog nozzle permanent? My psn is IntuitiveApple3

I have a legendary nurse class mod at level 72. Send message on psn when you are online. Also have op8 sticky longbow meteor shower if interested.

i hav some stuff
would u be willing to powerlevel in return for the norfleet? PSN: Andor17

Of course the grog is permanent. I don’t deal in any shady items. I am updating my iso