ISO Legendary Loaded Dice

I have quite a few Legendaries of all sorts, lmk what you need.

Do you have any annointed Night Hawkins, Crossroads, Lyudas, Butchers, or One Pump Chumps? Or any Phaszerker or Executor class mods?

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Pretty sure i have Molten Lyuda and One Pump, though not sure which character. Maybe both Beast Master. I will check when I get home.

What is your gamertag? Ill dm you on Xbox.

ICE Faux Pirate
I’ll be on for the next few hours

I have 2 loaded dice. Do you have a Bloodletter class mod, Phasezerker class mod, or any Rowans?

Sorry man just seeing this. Add me, name in bio thing. We can trade tomorrow. I do have all 3 but non anointed. I checked.

No worries on the annointed. Here’s the dice.

I know the one is lvl48 not 50 but it’s got knife drain.

Awesome I’ll reach out when I get on!

I have (what I consider to be a god-roll) Loaded Dice since it also has an increased luck stat of 12.67 in addition to the legendary effect. Also a useful effect of Last Stand. I’m still in search of that Molten Lyuda. I’ll be on after 8pm CST

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I’m not the OP but I really want that loaded dice, I have molten viscous out Ilyuda
1189 damage
+40% critical damage
+33%weapon damage
-25% accuracy
+21% fire rate

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I’ve got a couple of them so I’m open to trading for multiple things, especially if they’re annointed with good stats
GT: ICE Faux Pirate

Just shoot me an Xbox message when either of you are ready