ISO: Level 50 Recurring Hex (Ice or Electric) and Crossroad (Fire, Corrosive)

I’ve farmed for what seems to be forever for these items and I’ve reached the point at which I’m ready to cave…I’ve got a stockpile of stuff. Hit me up for whatever you may be looking for…

I’ve got a shock recurring hex. Do you have a level 1 infinity pistol or level 50 radiation queen’s call?

I have the rad queen’s call at lv.50 that I would be willing to trade for that hex if its still available

I offered it to Jackie first, if I don’t hear back or Jackie doesn’t have either weapons, I’ll trade it to you tgood

sounds fair :+1:

I don’t have the QC and I certainly don’t have a level 1 Infinity lol. Why are people looking for that?

Got a caustic crossroad. whaddya got for trade?