ISO OP8 Gear and Others

Looking for sevrral different OP8 items and a few level 50 (and up) class mods.

OP8 Gear:
-Slag and Fire(or corrosive) Butcher
-Flame of the Firehawk (with high delay if possible)
-Fire Win-Win Fibber (2nd barrel type)
-Fire Emperor
-Unkempt Harold (preferably Double Penetrating prefix)
-(looking for 2) Infinity Pistol (level 40-50)

Class Mods:
-Slayer of Terramorphous Mechromancer (Lv 72 or better)
-Legendary Nurse (will accept Lv 50 or 72)
-Legendary Titan (will accept 50 or 72)

You can message me (PSN: Jody-Bryan) or post here for further details.

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