Iso someone who can help me and the wife do some leveling

The wife and I are only about lvl30 and between work and the kid it is getting hard for us to keep up those lvls, we have a couple legendaries we managed to get our hands on early on and a couple lvl 50 legendaries we can offer as payment/reward. We know it’s not much but kindness leads to friendship

I don’t need payment, just want some cool people to game with. Happy to take both of you to M3 TVHM Graveward and power level you both tonight! In maybe 3 or 4 hours. Tag me back and lets see if we can arrange something!

@ercmalcolm feel free to add novalord6214 and we will be more than happy to get with you asap and start grinding lol

Still gonna be about 3ish hours. Rex_Danger_Wulf is me on PSN. Do you have mics?

Yeah of course and we should as long as both of ours still work if not we will have at least one mic and both are getting new mics by at least Christmas

Just lmk when you are ready to start brother, we are just goofing off rn

Absolutely! Still gonna be a little bit longer but not too much longer. Maybe 30ish minutes? No more than an hour.

Ok brother take your time we are just chilling with the inlaws rn so whenever you get ready is soon enough

Just waiting on my roomie who’s bringing home a new CAT cable. The wifi here is awful. He’s probably on the bus as we speak.

Let me finish eating and I’ll hop on!

Sure thing we should be ready whenever you are