ISO Specific 72s. Offering 2 for 1 (my two OP8 items, your 1 72 item)


Im iso for my friend at lvl 72:

4 Sandhawks (One each element)
Evil Monk Class Mod
5x best class mods for each player I.e cat for siren, anarchist for gaige.

Rough rider shield

Blood, might, breath and shadow seraph relics

Deputy and sheriffs badge

Double unkempt Harold

Pimpernel would be nice

I already farmed him the 72 norfleets,and other gear, this is on his wish list! Willing to trade nearly any 2 Op8 items to get just 1 of what he is looking for!


Dan I have the following that I can give to you…all Lvl 72

Flying sandhawks(all elements, Dahl grip/stock)
Rough Rider Shield
Sheriff’s Badge


Have i told you I will have your babies! Dude you rock. Will you be on in a bout 1 hour?

And then what can I give you in return?

Oooo that’s the offer of a lifetime lol yeah gimme 5 min to get the gear situated

BTW I have all leg. COMs for all 6 VHs