ISO Specific LVL 72 Items. Trading OP8's in return

I have been playing this game for a while and farmed my perfect op8s, however I subsequently did not keep my 72s since I had no need. A friend of mine would like some items at level 72, and I will trade 1 of your items for 1 of any item of your choice at OP8 (assuming I have it, which is a very safe assumption).

We are looking for:

Conference Calls x4 versions

Terramorphus loot (including all elements of the pitchfork)

Class Mod/Legendary Engineer – commando

Class Mod/Legendary Sickle – Krieg

Class Mod/Legendary Ninja – Assassin

If you have any and are willing to trade add me on psn and reference this thread. My psn handle is danNYSamber