(isometric) ARPG and old-school RPG tips?

I see there is a long thread on D3, and a few other games, but I am interested in a more general bunch of tips regarding (more old-schoolish, perhaps isometric) action RPGs (loot hunts). I love B2 as my favorite ARPG, I have to say that hands down it wins, but I can’t always play it, and also my skills are not so good (I’m not a real shooter person). I loved Diablo2 back in the day, but never got D3 (the idea of constant online DRM and RMAH really put me off, but now I see that they got rid of RMAH). While my machine was down and my harddrive died (so I lost all my B2 saves), I briefly tried the free test version of D3, and was pretty surpised at how different it is from D2. Not sure how I feel about it yet, because I can’t figure out how the skills’ damage is based, or how and if the different skills can be implemented. But in any case: There is a degree of “reminiscence” I find compelling there. How do you like it? I liked PoE for some time, but it is now almost too “elite” for me. I enjoyed the “feel” of Torchlight2 for a while, but just can’t take the loot or the lack of challenge seriously. Does anything stack up to B2 in any way (fun, not TOO hardcore, but perhaps isometric)?

While we are at it, what are you favorite RPGs, and why? My favorite of all time is the original Deus Ex. I also enjoyed Fallout 1-2 back in the day; to a lesser degree, Fallout 3. I have not yet played Fallout4 or Witcher 3 (I disliked the clicking of Witcher 2) nor Skyrim (I never finished any installment of Elder Scrolls, just disliked the skill system and the story). I love B2’s writing! I hear people talking about Dark Souls, but I must have missed that.