Issue completing a mission

why cant i get past one of the objectives in the mission A New Direction

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What objective?

Specifics please. Character, mode, objective

Some of the missions require you to activate a specific item (like a switch) or go talk to a specific individual, but it’s easy to miss some of these. Like the others said, if you could at least post what the current mission objective states on the top-right of your screen, we’d be able to help out a lot easier!

Character: jack
Mode: true vault hunter
Mission: A New Direction
its telling me to find signal source and when ever i get to the objective symbol on the screen it doesnt say i have found it…if i need to go further i reach a point and the door/gate isnt open

OK, so the stages are:

  • Talk to Moxxi
  • Pick up gizmos from Crazy Earl
  • Mount them above Concordia (three locations on the roof tops)
  • Activate the console to triangulate
  • Get out of Concordia by talking to Moxxi again

Did you do those parts yet?

hold on ill check (i know i did the moxxi stuff and putting the transmitters up and that stuff)

also on the roof top, then after activation, you need to go by exit near crazy earls then go see moxi again

Note, this should be moved to TPS Discussion (spoilers), as there is not many ways to talk about this without using spoilers

any of you guys have xbox one because ill show you screen shots from it

I’m on XB1 GT: Alkymist96

I should be on tonight by about 7 pm eastern, all being well.

cool ill try and meet ya GT: BEEF1000000000

OK so you’re in Red’n’Belly’s camp, inside the first area. You know the door in the building that the big guy came out of? The one you can see right in the first frame of the clip? You need to go in there and upstairs. You’ll have to push through a bunch more guys, but keep making your way to the tallest building with the giant radio dish on top. There’s a boss battle inside there, then head on up and outside. The missions markers should update as you go.

it doesnt…and i hate that

The marker should move once you go through the building to the other side. Let me know if you’re still having problems and I can try and help you out either tonight or tomorrow.

assuming that @VaultHunter101 isn’t able to help you through for some reason and if you’re online, I would be more then happy to join into your game and help walk you through that if possible and if not, I can see if I have a toon close to that mission and walk you through my game to complete it.
I believe I am on just a little later (same timezone I believe just on later) then VaultHunter101.

Sorry in advance, but one question,
True Vault Hunter Mode? if so you should have already done this same mission once in NVHM and have a good idea of what needs done. TVHM is just a repeat of NVHM, only difference is, it’s just a little bit harder.

So, just in case anyone stumbles across this and wonders: it was the infamous Red’n’Belly gate glitch, during the mission mentioned in the OP, in TVHM.

#If Red’n’Belly’s Gate Won’t Open:

  • Go all the way back to the initial entrance to Crisis Scar from Triton Flats
    • You MUST go back to the initial entrance, not the one nearer Red’n’Belly’s main gate
  • Save-quit and Restart
  • Play straight through the mission
    • do NOT turn aside back through the second entrance to Triton Flats (where the claptrap unit is waiting on the other side)
  • The gate should open this time, and you should be able to complete the misison
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