Issue using Ultra-wide mode

Hello guys,

I know this has been mentioned previously, either in this forum or elsewhere, but since the problem hasn’t been rectified i thought I’d bring it up again.

The map in the game does not fit the ultra-wide resolution properly. Now, it’s not a game breaker - not at all - but it is annoying and frustrating.

I am aware that ultra-wide users are in the minority, but this problem was not there initially so surely it can be rectified.

Otherwise, great game.

Kind regards.


I have seen a few of the threads complaining about the ultra wide aspect ratio causing problems and while I can sympathise with the issues my thoughts track back towards the same thing.

Before I voice it and in an effort to not sound too blunt about it I’ll go back quite a few years to when widescreen 16 : 9 was replacing 4 : 3 as an industry standard. I bought an early CRT widescreen and yes I could enjoy some recorded media in native format, much of the time I would be watching broadcast material in a variety of legacy display modes.

Similar case occurred when HD and UHD came around though to a lesser degree as the pace of technological change and uptake was more rapid at the time. Even now as I sit in front of my 49" 4k UHD Smart TV I find the majority of what I view is in 1090 or even upscaled SD some of the time. I am in the UK and even today across the media providers, a few provide some programming in UHD but still the majority is 1090 HD.

Now as I understand it, ultra wide is designed to replicate the format for cinema and from what I have seen, does a spot on job. I also would think, though I do not know for certain that a TV in the ultra wide form factor would have display modes that allow rendering of mainstream broadcast materials where a compromise is reached regarding aspect ratio preservation and viewer preference.

What my concluding thought has been when regarding ultra wide is that, you can have the capability and indeed pay for the privilege to have the full cinematic experience. But it is down to any content provider on a case by case basis, whether or not they support it. Yes requesting it is perfectly fine but if providing native support incurs a significant cost to in this case a developer. They might simply not address the issue at all as there are valid alternatives.

Hello Prowler and thank you for taking the time to respond.

While I appreciate and understand most of what you say, my main point (although I was not too clear) was that Ultra-wide worked fine in the game until earlier this year (perhaps is was the end of last year). So it was implemented and, I assume, supported by the developers. I’m hoping it would not be too difficult to “fix” whatever changed.

Kind regards.


Ah right, I was unaware that it was working within the game before a patch / hotfix broke it so in that case.
AHEM! Come on Gearbox, let’s make some progress on fixing this or an update on the situation would be welcome. :blush: